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Just another busy day, and the Feed

After yesterday’s grocery run, I had my gig listening to a woman complain about her life, job, and now ex-boyfriend. I used to listen to her cry about her dead husband until she got the new boyfriend, now I get the dirt on the shortcomings of the former new now ex boyfriend. The amusing thing about all this is what makes me look so attentive to her stories is the same thing that gives me so much trouble in other social situations, the aphasia caused by my brain damage. Well after I listened to her she went to bed and didn’t wake up to take me home until almost 1100 because of her pain meds that she has to take to be able to sleep. Since we talked (she talked, I listened) until almost 0300 it wasn’t like she missed out on any sleep. As soon as the cream cheese softens I am supposed to bake some cream-stuffed muffins from a mix while I compose this post, and the GPoA second practice is currently on the tube. So I have many things competing for my attention.

Up first is an update on that hit-and-run of a cyclist in the most deadliest state to walk or ride a bicycle for the last 8 years running. Man Riding Bike Killed In Oakland Park Hit-And-Run This was the hit-from-behind wreck I wrote about yesterday, and now that I can see the bike it’s quite obvious that this was a buzz job. The bike is barely scuffed in the wreck that left the rider dead at the scene. As I wrote yesterday, hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and the real problem is the infrastructure creating a wall to the passage of non-motorized traffic.

More on the bicycle/bus wreck in MA. Boston police identify student killed in bike crash and Boston Police Identify Student Hit, Killed by MBTA Bus in Allston Bike Crash even this Cyclist killed in Boston from Taiwan It appears at this point that they know the bus hit the cyclist, but they don’t know how because they lack the experience of the Witch on a Bicycle. The description of the injuries and the lack of damage to the bike lead me to deduce that the cyclist was just passed too close as in a negative clearance distance. From looking at the scene in Google Street View there just was no place for the cyclist to go once the bus encroached his space. This was as much an infrastructure-caused wreck as any other reason.

A wreck that no human being could have avoided. Bicyclist injured after car chase ends in SF and San Francisco: Driver who fled police and struck cyclist has 3 prior DUI arrests, officials say also Bicyclist injured during high speed chase in SF Drunk driver running from the po-po and you get hit by a parked car that was launched when it was hit by the drunk driver’s vehicle. If you can avoid that you aren’t human, you have superpowers.

A cyclist injured in the Great White North. Cyclist injured in hit and run crash The cyclist was doing everything right, lights, reflective clothing (helmet). Hit-from-behind wreck, protocols to avoid and infrastructure to prevent. Confiscating the weapon vehicle in a hit-and-run and destroying it after the court case is over would go miles towards achieving that infrastructure.

A “bicycle safety” school assembly that was almost completely a helmet sales pitch. MURRIETA: School assembly highlights bike safety Nothing about lane position or other ways to prevent a wreck, just endless helmet promotion. I’m not disagreeing that 5th graders need to wear helmets, I’m just disagreeing that helmets are the beginning and the end of bicycle safety. And why no girls? Are girls’ heads not as important as boys’?

From the UK a psychological examination of why drivers hate cyclists. Cyclist hatred is ‘almost like racial discrimination,’ says AA prez So, cyclists are the “New Niggers” (with humble apologies to the group that was the old…)

Infrastructure! news from the Great White North. Councillors consider ways to educate cyclists on dangers of streetcar tracks The reactions of the politicians are easier to understand given the previous paragraph in this post.

And those are all the bicycle links that gave me fits today.

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