Getting ready for another long urban ride, and the Feed

I have another RPG tonight, with another slightly over 6 mile urban bike ride. What makes this a long ride is not the distance (which is piddling) it’s the exposure to idiots (which is major and nearly constant for about 2/3 of the trip). What bodes well for this trip tonight is since the last game most of my route has been re-worked in the paint and sign portion of an intercity “bicycle highway”. I will actually have the option of riding in a for reals bike lane tonight, the first one made in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Our previous attempts at bicycle infrastructure consisted of a few signs on lesser-used arterials declaring them as “bike routes”. Well the primary reason why those were lesser used as arterials was they didn’t go anywhere most people wanted to go, so they didn’t get used much by people riding bicycles for the same reason. But now we have one route that runs from one city to another right through our downtown. This is still only one route and we still have no master bicycle/pedestrian plan, so right now the “plan” amounts to “ready, fire, aim” throwing paint and signs at roads and hoping it sticks (in some cases literally). Anyway, I’m going to use what we have now and hope it makes a difference in the way I get treated.

Up first a MD cyclist is hit-and-run in a very vulnerable location. Brunswick boy injured after being struck by car The bad thing about bridges is you have no escape route and no real alternative to riding there if your destination is on the other side of whatever barrier the bridge is crossing. Hit from behind protocols to avoid, and this is another wreck that getting the infrastructure right will prevent. Also make hit-and-run a major felony equivalent to assault with a deadly weapon.

From the Great White North a cyclist is hit by a driver that was either out of control, or trying to kill him. Cyclist, 70, injured in North York When the driver hits the cyclist first and the pole second that is a solid indicator of target fixation and not clearing the background, to use a shooting term. This is where the shooter is so focused on hitting the target that they ignore everything else.

And as hard as I find it to believe, those were all the bicycle links that gave me fits today. I mean seriously 2 links and not even one link to something cutesy or stupid.

Billed @$0.02, (and I feel like I’m overcharging) Opus


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