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Getting ready to bury my Dad, and the Feed

Well some good news, Dad was meticulously prepared for his own death, so basically all we need to do is pack up the house and sell off the accumulated possessions we don’t want to keep for ourselves. Then we have about 90 pages of paperwork we need to sign off on to transfer assets to my brother and me (and my kids, they all get small parts of the estate as the surviving heirs since my brother decided not to have kids). My brother is handling most of this stuff as he is there and I’m in Texas.

In the meantime though people still have to eat, so I’m still fixing beans and rice for dinner tonight.

Up first a 12YO boy in CA is hit by the trailer being towed by a truck. 12-year-old boy hit by trailer, killed on Elk Grove street At this point I can’t say the mode of the wreck as it was not stated if the motor vehicle was turning or going straight. I suspect a right hook from what little information I got, but can’t say for certain. The report that the kid was trying to ride a bicycle between the truck and trailer is pure poppycock.

A SWSS fatality in the most deadliest state to walk or ride a bike 8 years running. Bicycle rider struck, killed on Gandy Blvd. in Pinellas County Classic SWSS narrative compounded by the fact that the driver was merging onto surface streets from an Interstate highway. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right so that cyclists are sharing the roads with motor vehicles that are still being driven by drivers with “highway hypnosis”.

A regular poster and logger on BikeJournal.com is killed while riding his bike. Cyclist killed on highway loved to ride The cyclist was killed in a hit-from-behind wreck while riding the hard shoulder. The driver faces no criminal charges for leaving the road and killing a human being.

Charges are expected to be filed against the driver that killed a cyclist in a hit-and-run wreck in MA. Wellesley Police expect fatal cyclist accident case to go to grand jury soon This case has been shrouded under a blanket of secrecy, with little to no news about the suspect in the wreck.

Lots of links to a report of a cyclist hit in Enn Zed. Cyclist killed in Dunedin and Cyclist killed after being hit by truck also Cyclist killed after colliding with truck more Male cyclist killed in Dunedin and Cyclist killed by truck outside Dunedin Hospital and last link Cyclist killed; call to improve safety At this point the wreck appears to be very much like the cyclist killed recently in Chicago where avoiding the door prize results in a truck running you over, AKA as streets designed for cars with “bicycle infrastructure” tacked on later wherever it fit or didn’t fit as in these cases. Reality at the moment is wrecks like this are not avoidable by human beings unless there is actual room for the cyclist to evade the door i.e. riding outside the “door zone”. This is an infrastructure problem that can only be fixed by altering the infrastructure and taking space away from motor vehicles.

From Oz, a driver that appeared to deliberately run down a cyclist has been declared nuts. Motorist who killed cyclist ‘mentally ill’ IMNSHO this could be equally applied to 50% or more of the driving public.

Infrastructure! news from the nation’s capitol. Cyclists weary over Penn Ave.’s unprotected lanes What good are bike lanes if you still have to dodge motor vehicles crossing them unpredictably?

Infrastructure from the UK. Motorists and cyclists? Two pitbulls. One bone Actually the situation in this case is more like a pitbull and an insane chihuahua fighting over a bone, with motor vehicles as the pitbull. In a “war” for the roads cyclists are like foot soldiers armed with Nerf Guns fighting tanks. The conflict must be averted by proper infrastructure design, not aggravated by bad design.

More infrastructure news from the UK. UK cycling – how bike safety can be improved

And those are all the bicycle links that gave me fits today.