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Not sure if I’m crying because of allergies or what, and the Feed

I’m experiencing something I never did before. My eyes will start watering uncontrollably, but I’m not experiencing any particularly strong emotion at the time. I have all the physical manifestations of crying, but none of the emotional ones. It’s really weird, I get tears or something like them, runny nose, red eyes. and I’m just not doing much of anything real emotional. Last night it happened while I was working with Mentor’s Circle to help get next Sunday’s morning and evening services assembled on the subject of “thankfulness”. It also happened a couple times while I was composing yesterday’s blog post. The closest I came to any strong emotion when I was doing the blog post is Righteous Anger, which for me is about a 3 on a scale of 10 as far as my emotions go. Someone at Mentor’s Circle last night asked if it might be a reaction to stress, which is a good possibility as things have been very stressful lately. Dad dying is only the most recent and most public of the stressors I have been facing. Incidentally the only time I ever hit 10 on the emotional scale of intensity was the time I was hit by the pickup truck passing me on the right as I rolled to a red light.

Up first and the only non-UK link so far today is a report on a cyclist that ran a red light in CA. Injured Bicyclist I trust this reporter assuming this is the same Urban Hikers that regularly comments on Streetsblog. The report is the cyclist entered the intersection after the light had changed, as recorded on video from a nearby store camera that had a clear view of the intersection and the lights. Obviously to avoid a wreck like this use intersection protocols, especially the one about not running the red or yellow. I’m not sure infrastructure could fix this one, as what would be in place in this location would be a cycle track with a separate light phase for bicycle traffic. This cyclist ignored the red light when there were cars coming, I don’t think that a separate light phase for bicycles would garner any more compliance.

Grim statistics from just down the road in Austin. Auto-pedestrian deaths in Austin reach a record high They’re mowing down pedestrian and cyclists at rates not seen since the Great Depression. As I keep telling people, the reason that driver and passenger deaths are going down is because of better cars, the drivers are still wrecking as much as always but the cars make what had been deadly wrecks something you can walk away from now.

A fatal wreck that is still under investigation in the Great White North. Cyclist Killed in St. Clair Township Many local LEO are still woefully unprepared for investigating a bicycle/motor vehicle wreck. As of now they still don’t know the direction of travel for the cyclist, and so don’t know the mode of the wreck. Until they get that figured out I can’t tell you how to avoid this kind of wreck.

Another mass batch of links to the cyclist hit by a truck in Enn Zed. Dunedin cyclist named and Uni lecturer killed in Dunedin also Cyclist killed in Dunedin named more Students mourn lecturer killed on bike and finally Cyclist killed outside Dunedin Hospital named Nothing new on the wreck, but tons of info on the victim.

A link that I still don’t understand how it got in the Feed but is pertinent to this blog because it is about a major fuel source for cyclists on the roads. Twinkies Good, Unions Bad, The Whole Story Yes those little lard bombs are vital for a long-distance cyclist to maintain energy levels at a minimum of digestive issues (but more digestive issues since they started using HFCS as a sweetener instead of pure sucrose), and I have consumed many a Twinkie as I crossed the highways of north central and far north Texas.

And those are all the bicycle links that gave me fits today.

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