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Last post for a while, and the Feed

As much as I hate to do it this blog will go silent until I get back from taking care of my father’s estate as the Internet has already been turned off at the house meaning even though there will be lots of links to share I won’t be able to get to them or this blog to share them with you. I will be off tomorrow because I will be actually sharing time with the part of my family that lives in Texas (or came to Texas from Scotland to share Thanksgiving with us), so no hiding in the office with the computer tomorrow, and I’ll be on the road starting Friday. So family time first then travel to an Internet Black Hole for an unknown amount of time, then travel back, then sleep, then blog. No blog until after I sleep in my own bed.

An IL cyclist is killed in a SWCC. CL man killed while riding bike on Route 14 The point of impact and the cyclist’s location on the roads make me strongly suspect a hit-from-behind wreck by a driver not paying attention to anything smaller than a car on the road, but on the off chance that the report is accurate make sure you can actually get across the road before you enter it to cross. If you can’t see move to a location where you can see before you cross.

A cyclist died of massive head trauma in far West Canuckistan. Name of cyclist killed in collision released Nothing on the mode of the wreck in the link except an implication that the cyclist was responsible for the head injury because he wasn’t wearing a helmet when he was hit at well over 20km/h (upper limit for the helmet to prevent skull fracture). Please wear a helmet when you ride, not because it will do any good if you get hit by a motor vehicle but because when “they” Monday morning quarterback your decisions to decide how much was “your fault” your heirs will have “he was wearing a helmet” as a counter. Infrastructure done right would have prevented this wreck.

Just down the street from WoaB World HQ we finally get a solution that has been known about and in use for decades in the more enlightened parts of the world. Dallas Bike Lanes Are Turning Neon Green — A Few Feet of Them at Least Yep they are making the few feet prior to an intersection bright green to prevent cars from encroaching on the bike lanes, a standard treatment in Denmark and the Netherlands (actually theirs is red, and a permanent part of the pavement).

The cost of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, compared with the costs of other transportation infrastructures of similar throughput. Ladue installs a new sidewalk–and is it worth the investment? A cost comparision of sidewalks vs roads The headline is “Sidewalks vs Roads” but the actual article includes several different kinds of bicycle infrastructure as well as dedicated pedestrian infrastructure.

And those are all the links that I could find about bicycles. Giving me fits or not failed to enter into the equation… 😉

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