Daily Archives: November 23, 2012

A quick word before I leave

I’m going to be hitting the road in a few, but I had a quiet moment to sit down and share with you. Recent days have been stressful, and the next few ain’t looking so balmy either. But today, 4 years ago today, I moved this blog from MySpace to this provider. I took a tremendous hit loss, as my daily hit count went from 800-1000/day to an average of about 75 to be totally honest, with another 500 or so getting the RSS and FB reader feeds. I don’t do it for the adulation and to be brutally honest the groupies are best left in a nightmare, the ghouls. But there are some of you that I can help, a group that rolls through and back out again enlightened in the ways of not getting killed while riding on a bicycle. That group now numbers in the tens of thousands. Those people are the reason why I do this. The daily readers and RSS followers are already enlightened and just looking for more information to use in their local efforts to secure proper bicycle infrastructure, or for something else that I provide without even knowing I provide it. The people that come in and read for a month or two, or a week or two and then move on with the knowledge they need to not get killed are my reason to get up in the morning and sit down at the keyboard and monitor and read all those stories about people getting killed or injured or seriously injured and suffering for days or weeks to finally die from the injuries, when all it takes to prevent it all is a little concrete, asphalt, paint, and laws. My ultimate mission in life is to get that little concrete, asphalt, paint and laws finished, so that nobody has to die in a horrible manner just to get from A to B or Z by B through Y inclusive.

PSA, Opus