Daily Archives: December 10, 2012

I’m back in Texas, who left the refrigerator door open and what’s this white stuff?

I’m back in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, and just about froze my fingers off when I got here. And it appears to have snowed overnight as well. What is this, I go away for a couple of weeks and everything goes to pot?

Dad’s funeral was good, as funerals go. It was an enlisted man’s military funeral with a 9 gun salute and full honors, and I have some of the spent brass from the salute. My brother got the flag (what would I do with it?), and we both have copies of the eulogy. I got the viewing book.

It was quite plain that my hoarding gene was passed down the paternal line, as Dad kept an amazing amount of stuff, most of which had meaning to him, and only to him. We ended up throwing away about 5 tons of “stuff”.

The ride back from TN was a bit on the rough side and I’m a little sleep-deprived and not thinking my best right now. My concentration is shot to heck and I had more than 50 pieces of mail that required attention (snail mail printed on dead trees). And the cold is making my arthritis hurt and making it hard to type. Anyway, the trip. There was a high wind warning posted on Weather.com for about 2/3 of the route back, which turned out to be accurate and slightly optimistic because the bus rocked and swayed and wandered down the road all night long after we left Memphis, making sleep fitful and only available in fits and snatches.

I’m going to cut this off right now and do a better blog post in the morning with links.

PSA, Opus