Long day at the lab rat keeper, and the Feed

There was a personnel issue at the LRK office that resulted in the staff not being prepared for my visit, which delayed the start of the review and then there was a problem with the number of pills I had left which delayed the end of the visit. Then I missed the bus after everything was straightened out which put me another half hour behind. That made me actually 45 minutes later than I would have been had I caught the bus on time, because of the 45 minute frequency of the last bus between the transit center and WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, which are no longer covered in snow BTW.

OK I have been going through the links for about 7 hours now and I still don’t have any live links to share. I’m getting a little punchy and it’s coming up on 0100. I’m going to bed…

PSA Opus

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