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Still having difficulty getting focused and started, and the Feed

I didn’t think I would be having so much trouble getting started and staying focused on writing this blog since I got back. I still need to write, it’s just I don’t want to write. A bad analogy would be defecating, you don’t get a whole lotta choice about it, but sometimes diet means that the process is very unpleasant to the old olfactory organ. So while I hold my nose figuratively to get this done I will still do my best to make the final product worthwhile. Getting started, the hard part is getting out of bed and getting that first cup of coffee. Once I do that I’m not bad, but the effort in getting out of bed is enormous. Part of the problem is the thermostat setting is about 65°F and the bed is so warm in the morning I don’t want to get out. I don’t have this problem in the summer because the AC thermostat is set at 78 and the bed is the same temperature as the rest of the room.

Something totally unrelated to the mission of this blog, I have been getting tchoskys from GM (yes that GM) trying to get me to promote their new city car, the Spark and the Spark EV. I actually got a demo of the gas powered Spark a few months ago and as cars go, it’s nice. It doesn’t ride too bad and has decent performance and gas mileage and the one I drove had very good brakes. I used to race many years ago and I still think that good brakes used properly can overcome a slight horsepower advantage. I guess if you really want a car the Spark isn’t as bad a car as many, better than a bunch, but it is still a car with all that being a car entails. It’s still a large investment that spends most of its time sitting depreciating, it still takes up far too much room on the road compared to its payload, and as a “city” car it still competes against a bicycle, and walking, as a transportation mode. Now here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell a Spark is a consideration (particularly the free one I could get if lots of you go buy them and identify me as the one that put you on the idea), because the local infrastructure is horrible for bicycle riding. But to be honest, I would still rather ride my bike 99% of the time. Your mileage may vary.

Up first from what is a very sparse Feed today is a report of a hit-and-run in NY. Cyclist Injured, Possibly by Car Buzz job, use hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Of particular importance in this wreck is lane position. Had the cyclist been taking the lane there is a very good chance that this wreck would not have happened. And as for my assessment of hit-and-run, the narrative allows no other explanation. The rider was JRA, then was on the deck, after a car passed extremely close as noted by outside witnesses, and the cyclist had injuries to the left side of his body. The car hit the cyclist but not the bike, then left the scene. Unfortunately the likelihood of ever finding this driver is worse than winning the Powerball jackpot twice. Nobody got a license plate or even a good description of the car and given the condition of the cyclist the car most likely did not get anything identifying in the way of damage.

A wreck report without real information from the Great White North. Pedestrian killed, cyclist badly hurt in crashes in St. Clements and Kitchener About the only thing we know for sure in either wreck was the driver in each case was entirely protected from injury by the ton and a half of steel and plastic he was surrounded by.

And it is now past the time when the last folder from the Feed would get updated and there’s nothing new in it, so that’s it for today.

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