Daily Archives: December 14, 2012

Don’t write headlines before the first cup of coffee, and the Feed

As you may have surmised from the headline I got an early start on today’s blog post. Maybe a bit too early. It took 3 tries to get something readable for the headline, what you see is the 4th version where I stopped trying to be funny and informative about the contents of the blog and just went for what I was thinking at the time. I sure don’t get much chance to wake up from my “commute” from bed to kitchen to grab a cup of coffee and then to the “office” side of the bedroom to get to work. I’m going to attempt social interaction tonight as we are having games and drumming at church this evening. I haven’t been in Texas for a church activity since the drum jam the day after Thanksgiving.

From Enn Zed, more on the really old guy that was killed earlier this week. Cyclist killed after collecting stamps for charity Ninety three years old and still riding his bike. They are still sticking with the SWSS narrative for the wreck.

And I do not believe it, but that is the only live link to a bicycle story in the Feed today. I hope everyone has a nice day and I’ll be back tomorrow.

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