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Dealing with a strange kind of inertia, and the Feed

I have been noticing lately, but starting before my Dad died, that I have a great deal of “inertia” in my daily life. If my mind was a physical object it would weigh tons. I have a great deal of trouble getting coherent and out of bed in the morning, and even more trouble shutting things down at night and getting to sleep. The car analogy would be a full-size SUV with a yard kart motor and brakes that takes a long time to get going and is even harder to stop. I don’t know what causes this. I just know I don’t like it. I would like to be able to fix it, somehow.

Another day of scant links in the Feed, with nothing from North America at all. I see other blogs that have lots of links so I think there is something wrong with the search function coding in the service I use to find my links.

Up first is a guy that died after running into a tree in Oz. Bike rider dies after tree collision Notice that the cyclist’s mandatory helmet was totally ineffective at preventing his death in this single vehicle wreck. To avoid, control your speed and stay on the paved portion of the bicycle path.

From the UK the first of 2 stories showing how cycling is treated by their judicial system. Sam Harding bicycle death: Kenan Aydogdu cleared of manslaughter For those who haven’t been following this one, the driver had illegal window tints installed that had only 17% transmission making seeing in almost impossible and severely limiting outward visibility, so the cyclist could not move away from the vehicle in response to the driver moving inside anticipating the driver’s opening the door. Then witnesses stated the driver opened the door directly in the path of the cyclist in one movement. The driver claimed to have only opened the door a crack to look behind before opening it, which to my mind takes this from “tragic accident” to “deliberate act of assault” because if he cracked it for a look back and then opened it fully into the cyclist he had to have done so deliberately. Then he was acquitted. TANJ!

Second UK link to a terrible tragedy made worse by the courts. ‘£2,700 fine is an insult’, says father of critically injured cyclist Mary Bowers To recap, cyclist waiting at red light is run over from behind by a semi driver when the light changed. He was fined $4,365.36 US for effectively killing a cyclist but not totally killing her, she’s just enough “alive” that they can’t pull the plug on her. Also he’s prohibited from driving for 8 months, another slap on the wrist.

And those are all the links that were still live in the Feed today. This isn’t even all the news that gave me fits, just all the news that showed in the Feed folder.

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