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Up way too early again, and the Feed

Today is the day the moving company is supposed to deliver the part of my Dad’s estate that I’m supposed to sell on Ebay, so I had to get up way too freaking early so I could get all the things I needed to access the storage unit. Since I wasn’t in town when the storage unit was contracted I had to make sure I was awake when the person that did the contract for the storage unit got up so I could get the materials and codes for the unit. This meant waking up about 0400 after working ’til 0100 on another project. As I compose this post it is currently 0739, which is still about an hour earlier than I normally get up of a morning (since I normally keep working past midnight). And I think I have located the source of the mental inertia I mentioned a few posts back, since I keep working so late it takes a while to get the mind to shut down after I quit working. I just need to get the new computer set up so I can watch anime on the computer and get my mind back down to idle so it does a clean shutdown and lets me sleep and actually get some rest.

Up first today is a bit of infrastructure that seems unrelated to bicycle wrecks until you realize how many hit-and-run wrecks are caused by drunk drivers that don’t want to get caught drunk. New law: DUI offenders must prove sobriety to drive The program seems to be working, and as noted in the link when I read it for the filtering process this is being proposed as a mandatory device to be installed on all new cars sometime in the near future. Imagine, a world free of drunk drivers. A world free of drunk drivers that hit people and leave them to die on the side or in the middle of the road. If they can’t start the car unless they are sober, that pretty much eliminates the possibility of driving drunk.

A hit-and-run in LA leaves a dead cyclist. Cyclist killed in Port Barre hit-and-run crash and Cyclist Killed in Port Barre Hit and Run Crash One link states the cyclist was riding salmon the other doesn’t mention it. But since the wreck was not in an intersection hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Included in that infrastructure should be truly draconian punishments for hit-and-run including mandatory confiscation of all motor vehicles to which the driver had access, and a 10 year ban on driving after completion of the mandatory prison term. We don’t let bank robbers keep their guns, why should drivers that kill or injure and then run keep their weapons?

Nothing on the mode, but an experienced cyclist was killed riding in Spain. Spanish cyclist killed in accident The good part is that Spanish laws are very tough on drivers that kill vulnerable road users.

And those are all the live links I had in the Feed today. It’s now 15:56, or almost 4PM and if there were any more links coming they would have shown by now.

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