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“Real Life” intrudes on my blogging, and the Feed

Yesterday Real Life™ got in the way of putting up a blog post. My shoulder-soaking gig with the widow lady went way over because her pain meds kept her asleep until 1300 (and I was out until 1000), and I had to leave to go to the rehearsal for solstice at 1700, leaving me without even enough time to look at all the links in the Feed yesterday, much less filter and assign them. But the good news, the rehearsal went well for the people I was working with, I got my part nailed. The widow woman is relaxed and better able to face the world. And I have 2 days of links and web comics to catch up on. 😉

Up first a left cross wreck leaves a cyclist hospitalized and holding a ticket for making an unsafe pass. Bicycle rider badly hurt in crash with car, Chatham police say Yes, that is exactly as Effed as it sounds, and even the commenters that on this site are normally anti-cyclist are noting the effed-ness of it. To avoid treat all driveways as intersections and use intersection protocols, get the infrastructure right to prevent. As part of that infrastructure train LEO properly in applying vehicle codes to bicycle wrecks and weed out those with pathological bias against bicycles. This story earns the tags “Stupid LEO” as well as “waste of human skin” for the “officer” that wrote the ticket to the cyclist. More Cops: Cranford Man Seriously Injured Will Receive Summons and Cops:Biker critically injured in Chatham accident to be cited Also Chatham bicyclist reportedly struck in traffic accident last link Cops:Biker critically injured in Chatham accident to be cited

An AR bike wreck has just turned fatal. Cyclist Diane McConnell injured on Kavanaugh last month dies The cyclist was hit by a passing car, IMHO this case is a homicide. My memory might be wrong but I recall this was a right hook wreck. Anyway hit-from-behind, use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A cyclist is killed near my HS age stomping grounds. Cyclist killed in Tooele crash identified and Cyclist killed in Tooele collision The driver hit the cyclist in the street after making the turn, before the cyclist got to the intersection. I don’t see any way this could be the cyclist’s fault as the cyclist was not mentioned as riding salmon. Failure to control vehicle results in cyclist death. I don’t know how a cyclist could avoid a wreck like this without having super powers (and why would you ride a bike if you had superpowers that could prevent you from getting hit in this case?). Infrastructure to prevent. Looking at the intersection and knowing the cyclist was on Vine when hit, the driver ran the stop sign. It’s really as simple as that.

A UK story of a cyclist getting assaulted for his bike. Cyclist injured during robbery (Bristol) It’s a nice Brompton, I know I would be upset if someone stole it from me. Those things are danged handy for mixed-mode commutes.

A bit of Infrastructure! news from the UK. The law is too weak, says father of cyclist killed after hitting car door More news coming out about the window film on the car, the rear side windows had only a 4% transparency while the driver’s side window had 17%, meaning the cyclist could not possibly have seen the driver preparing to open the door and take action to avoid the wreck, but still there was no finding of guilt for killing a cyclist. TANJ!

And last link is a bit of infrastructure news brought to my attention by a reader. The economic case for on-street bike parking The cost per space ratio between cars and bicycles (keeping in mind that each vehicle is likely to contain the same number of spending occupants) is staggering. Throw in the fact that cyclists have more disposable income because they have lower transportation costs and it becomes a no-brainer: Spend the $100/customer for a bike rack instead of the $16K for a covered space in a garage.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today, except for that one link about the guy getting left-crossed on his Harley. That one was just depressing…

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