Things are up and down here, and the Feed

I’m beginning to think that some of what is happening to me lately isn’t just a disturbed sleep schedule, it’s my body telling me I’m stressed by my Dad’s death. First let me say that as a result of my brain damage I am a creature of routine, I seriously need things to happen more or less the same way every day and get flustered if things don’t go right. This is a recent development because I used to be able to deal with change like a champ. Not so much any more. Even positive changes are somewhat upsetting for me over the short term. So this is going to be difficult for me to deal with even though my Dad and I did not interact much at all since the wreck, nobody’s fault Dad just didn’t like to talk on the phone and neither did I and we only saw each other a few days during the Summer when I came for a visit.

All the links today come from “Down Under” in Enn Zed. This is the height of their cycling season so they are having more wrecks than they get during the “off times”. Also Enn Zed is particularly bike-unfriendly from its drivers, with a fair percentage deliberately trying to hit cyclists.

Up first is a high-speed hit-from-behind wreck in Enn Zed. Cyclist injured in high speed smash The damage done to the car and the bike in this wreck only hint at the damage potential to the cyclist. I’m no expert on bikes sold in Enn Zed, but I don’t think the chain stays were designed to have that curve. And I know the rear wheel didn’t leave the factory with that shape. The damages to both vehicles are consistent with a hit-from-behind wreck at a high rate of speed for the motor vehicle. Use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. It should be noted that the time of the wreck (1730) is still high daylight this time of year in that area, so visibility of the cyclist is not a problem. More Cyclist seriously hurt after high speed crash

Also from Enn Zed is this story of forgiveness. Injured cyclist no longer holds ill will It turns out the driver was recovering from a wreck of his own that caused him serious problems and was quite sorry for the trouble he caused and was not the person he had been initially portrayed. That doesn’t make the victims whole, but it does balance the scales slightly.

And those are all the live links I had today, unfiltered as I got them… Pickings are getting mighty thin nowadays.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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