Wreck-Free end of the world post.

Happy Apocalypse! If you are reading this after 1300 CST then the world did not end and everything will be “normal”. The prophecy is that if the world is ending it will do so when the sun reaches its peak (local sidereal noon) at the “head” Mayan temple where all this stuff supposedly got started. If it isn’t 1300 CST yet, keep partying.

Assuming I’m still here I will be ushering at the final SolstiCelebration (20th annual) at the Cathedral of Hope in Dallas tonight. I have an extra ticket so if you’re in my local area and want your last chance to see this event, come to the front door and ask for Opus and speak the secret phrase “cars suck”. First one gets in (I only have the one ticket). Don’t be late, the last time they only had the one performance there were about 200 people watching the closed circuit TV in the parking lot and it’s too dang cold to do that this year. Tickets are $20 at the door. I hope lots of my readers come to this celebration/event.

As a sign of the end of the world there were no reports in the Feed folders as of the composing of this blog post. I know there were wrecks, there were just none that were picked up by the search service that finds them for me.

PSA, Opus


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