Daily Archives: December 31, 2012

Last post of the year, and the Feed

This was a year that was “Interesting” in the Irish Curse sense. I had to leave home to take care of my Dad after his wreck until we finally got him into a rehab facility, then 4 months later he broke a vertebrae bending over to pick up the cat and died 3 weeks after that, and we buried him the last week in November. I had to stop work on several projects that had delivery dates during the time I was away from the house and also had to deal with things I could not handle after my wreck. On the positive side I got to spend some good time with my Dad discussing things about my life that we had never discussed before and we resolved all of our differences before he died. I also started a new project that I have been wanting to do for ages, that I lacked getting the time and money for at the same time, when I would have money I had no time nor place to work on the project, when I had time and a place to work on the project I no longer had access to the money. Now I have both the time and the money. The project will get done. Then the world will bow at the demonstration of my true genius Muahhahahahahah >cough, cough< Sorry about that, my megalomaniac side was coming out a bit. Actually the project is a long-range e-assist bike made with commercially available components on a frame of my own design built from the beginning as an assist bike instead of a bike that has assist equipment thrown on it as an afterthought.

The only link I have today is a hit-from-behind wreck in OH. Bicyclist killed near Obetz Another wreck where in spite of an obvious failure of the driver to maintain control over his vehicle while passing another vehicle on the road, nothing is charged against the driver of the weapon vehicle. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and as this would be transitional between residential and other types of land use there may or may not have been segregated infrastructure in the Dutch model I can’t say that infrastructure would have prevented the wreck. But other than physical infrastructure the legal infrastructure of the Dutch model would have gone a long way to preventing this wreck.

And that is the sum total of the links I got today.

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