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Putting on more clothes and turning down the heat, and the Feed

At the behest of Mrs. the Poet I went through the closet looking for clothes that don’t fit to give to some charity, it wasn’t Goodwill, I think it might be Paralyzed Veterans or something like that. Anyway, most of the clothes in the closet still fit as the fat clothes have been slowly exorcised, but I found some stuff that I used to wear all the time before I started riding a bike and needed to be “visible” and radically changed the color palette I wore. Since one of the things that is getting done here at WoaB World HQ is getting some of those reflective ANSI Safety Lime vests with the orange stripes and reflective bands to wear over “normal” clothes during the Fall and Spring to go with the wicking garments for Summer and Winter wear I decided to move the khaki and OD shorts out of the back of the closet up where I could get to them to wear. And I finally got rid of the garments I wore when I portrayed Hermes during our God Auction a few years back as I really don’t look good in white, especially a white tennis skirt and sleeveless V-neck top (Hermes is frequently depicted wearing a short white kilt and tunic, and Goodwill was fresh out of kilts and tunics).

Our first link is about a man that died while riding on a MUP in CA. Autopsy to Determine How Bicycle Crash Killed Costa Mesa Man Apparently there are signs that indicate the cyclist was already dead before he hit the other cyclist that was not injured. The biggest sign would be that the other cyclist was not seriously injured, after all when two bodies collide hard enough that one person is killed by the impact the other person gets seriously injured about 90% of the time and at least some injury 99% of the time.

The author of the Commute by Bike blog resolves to not preach to his stepson about bike commuting. My 2013 Resolution: Shut up about how great bikes are I understand his wanting to keep the kid out of the financial trap of car ownership, and I also understand that the kid will learn on his own and is not likely to pay much attention to the “Old Guy”.

And those are all the links that gave me fits or not today. I was going to go do some more plumbing, but the city has changed the external cutoff valve and my key no longer fits. This means that should I need to do major plumbing inside my house I have to hire a plumber to do it, and as the inside cutoff valve for the leaky toilet is also leaky and won’t actually cut off the flow of water to the toilet I need to hire that plumber to do what I could have done by myself (replacing the toilet fill valve that doesn’t shut off all the way).

Still writing the article on turning the Halloween mask into cold weather gear, as the mask needed some more tweaking to make it work right, there are a couple of places that it blocks my peripheral vision and being able to see my mirrors.

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