Daily Archives: January 3, 2013

I have awesome readers, and the Feed

Just a note to start today’s post about something I got in the mail, something I dearly wanted but could not afford to get for myself, that came in a package with no return address sent to “Opus the Poet”. Thank you anonymous benefactor, and I will use your gift wisely and with pleasure. I know it was from one of my readers because the note inside the package said this person had read I needed/wanted this item on my blog…

The only live link I have today is a more than week-old report from the UK. Cyclist is injured So if the question is “Was this a slow news day at WoaB?” the answer is “Glacial.” Notice that in spite of the cyclist being taken from the scene by medical transport the driver has not been charged more than a week later. I’m told that this is typical of UK LEO, even in cases where the cyclist was not at fault in any way.

Now that I have completed the blog post, I will don my mule suit (J/K, I do not actually own a mule suit) and head out to purchase comestibles to maintain the WoaB and house.

Billed @$0.02, Opus