Putting away the tree later, and the Feed

Yep, the Yule Spirit has left the building and all the decorations are coming down even as I type these words. Mrs. the Poet has been taking down cards and garland and angels from the walls and has pulled all the lights from the tree (the decorations went into the box yesterday) and now the tree box awaits the tying up and the ceremonial wooden stake to signify the end of the Christmas season in our house. Then I get to carry the box into the garage to inter it until next Yule. And I fear that “Christmas” is rapidly heading this way if the rapacious retailers are not somehow restrained. I know several stores that did not close for Thanksgiving this year, or opened way too early for “Black Friday”. Thursday is not Friday, you cannot be open at any time on Thursday and call it a “Black Friday” sale during that time period. But that is a rant for a different time.

The only bike-related link I got today was this one about using an e-assist bicycle for commuting in TX, just down the road a day’s ride from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Just Got Word… My Rocket electric Bike Is HERE! I hope this works out for this person. We here at WoaB have been car-free since 1995 when the nose broke off the crankshaft of the 1988 Hyundai Excel (AKA the Atomic Albino Cockroach) that I had been driving since I was in tech school delivering pizzas in a 20 mile radius of the store in TN. The cost to repair the car was 10 times the actual value (retail) of the car. Anyway, Austin is structurally better able to handle being car-free or car-light than Garland, so barring misfortune I don’t see the other blogger having any difficulty going car-light or car-free.

I’m hearing noises that there were bicycle wrecks in CA that aren’t showing up in my Feed, so I’m going to find out what’s the deal with that from the service provider.

And those are all the links that gave me fits, or otherwise, today. Now I have to go do normal suburban things, like pay the storage unit fees, buy more comestibles for the D&D game…

Billed @$0.02, Opus


One response to “Putting away the tree later, and the Feed

  1. hmm, interesting, I just learned about pingbacks, thanks to your post.

    Yes, I think it is easier to go car-less or car-free in Austin as well (and I don’t know anything about Garland). That’s what I hope to show tons and tons of people who don’t know it’s easy, or haven’t thought to care to know, yet. Know what I mean?

    Good to hear that you’ve been doing it since 95 when the 88 broke down on ya. I’m curious to know the bike(s) you use(d) so far, and thoughts on them. I can learn from you!

    Oh, and what made my situation different from the typical bike commute, is my career as a real estate Agent. magine that.


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