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I have an itch I can’t scratch, and the Feed

First off, the headline is not a metaphor for anything, it is a literally true statement. I have an itch I can’t scratch and it’s making me slightly bonkers. This is one of the ongoing issues I have as a result of my wreck back in 2001. The impact with the back of my leg caused a minor explosion (well, minor in that I still have a leg) that put bits of my leg all over the road. Let’s just call it as massive soft-tissue damage, and nerves in my leg are a part of that soft tissue. Nerves were torn, “insulted”, and damaged in a variety of ways. As they healed there were 3 things that happened, one of which was nerves grew back connected to new places. This was really weird for a while until my brain re-wired to connect (most) of the sensations from where they used to be to where they are now. I still get a few things that aren’t re-wired where I will hurt something on my foot and it will hurt someplace else entirely, and I get itches like that also. I call these “displaced” pains and itches. Another thing I get is nerves that didn’t heal right or just plain did not get connected to anything. They will sometimes fire and create actual phantom pains or itches that don’t exist outside of the nerves themselves. This is exactly like the “Phantom pain” that amputees get in missing limbs only the leg is still there, just bits of it aren’t connected anymore. What this is leading up to is I have had a phantom itch in my ankle since Tuesday, and it won’t go away. I can’t even scratch it because there is nothing to scratch. Well technically there is something to scratch because the itch manifests on the inside of my ankle, but the actual itch is somewhere inside my left calf where a random nerve is just sitting there not connected to anything and is letting my know how unhappy it is by making my ankle itch. I used to rub the skin completely off trying to scratch these phantom itches, and still sometimes do that in my sleep, but when I’m awake I have learned the difference between a real itch that I can scratch and do some good and a phantom itch that I can scratch until I reach bone and never change one tiny bit. The difference is I can feel when I scratch a real itch, and when I scratch a phantom itch nothing feels any different, I don’t feel the scratching at all. So the “test” is to scratch lightly, and if I feel anything it’s a real itch, if the itch does not change then it’s a phantom itch and I have to ignore it. Do you know how much discipline it takes to not scratch an itch for 5 days straight? Try ignoring the next time you have an itch and see, I bet most of you can’t do it.

Up first a cyclist is assaulted with a deadly weapon just up the road a bit from WoaB World HQ (literally, I used to ride by this area on my way home from where I was working when I was hit back in 2001). Cyclist riding along North Dallas Parkway service road run down by infuriated motorist This has many parallels to my wreck as well as major differences. This wreck was in broad daylight, mine was after midnight. This wreck involved passing, slowing down, and re-passing the cyclist while abuse was shouted at the cyclist, mine was abuse followed by a u-turn followed by a wreck. If I wasn’t sure that the guy that hit me was already dead I would want to question this guy in connection to my case. As for avoiding this wreck, ain’t possible without completely abdicating the roads to motor vehicles. Preventing a wreck like this would require planning so that the only way in or out of the residential are this ride started in was not an access road to a major tollway which in this case would require a major rebuild of the local infrastructure to get a place for bicycles and pedestrians to travel. I place equal blame for this wreck on the driver and the planning agency that allowed the only way in or out to be the access road.

Another NYC cyclist killed by a driver in a large truck not watching where he’s going. Cyclist Killed by Garbage Truck in Manhattan and Pedestrian fatally struck by truck in Flatiron District also Cyclist killed in Manhattan truck accident (Photos) and my favorite NYC news outlet [Updates] Cyclist Fatally Struck By Private Garbage Truck In Flatiron District As I read the information now, the day after the wreck, the cyclist was establishing her line on the street after pulling away from the curb when she was hit from behind, although there is some other information that the cyclist had been riding in that lane for more than a few seconds, another report that the cyclist pulled away from the curb first and the truck after she did, all that is firmly established is that the initial impact was between 4 and 6 feet from the curb and was with the right front corner of the truck against the rider knocking her from the bike and under the truck. Hit-from-behind protocols might have helped avoid this wreck, the driver watching for what was in the street in front of him definitely would have helped avoid the wreck, and as more than one person commented protected bike lanes kept free of motor vehicles by a caring police depar … oh who am I kidding NYPD wants all cyclists and pedestrians dead or otherwise off the street to let the cars drive as fast as they can go.

A CA cyclist is killed by a motor vehicle and indirectly by poor planning that placed the movement of motor vehicles ahead of all other modes. Cyclist killed crossing freeway on-ramp The cyclist was going straight on a surface street and had to cross the on-ramp to get to his destination, while turning traffic was allowed to move at speed through the intersection. Hit-from-behind wreck but the cyclist had nowhere to bail to use the protocols and the driver could not be bothered to slow down for a few seconds to not hit the cyclist, assuming that the driver even noticed the cyclist in front of him/her. Seriously this could have been prevented by changing the intersection from smoothly curved freeway entrances to a right angle turn that allows drivers to yield to cyclists going straight because there would be no conflict between cyclists going straight and drivers turning right to enter the freeway.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, a cyclist is killed by one driver that stopped and 3 more that hit-and-ran. Jacksonville cyclist killed on U.S. 1 near Ormond Beach There was some speculation that the cyclist was riding salmon but the story now reads the cyclist was hit from behind. Hit-from-behind protocols, including lights and reflectors to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Also require drivers to have headlights that can let them see things in the road in front of them so they can stop or change lanes. Also I question the report that the cyclist pulled in front of the driver of the truck when they previously said the driver did not see the cyclist in the road. Either the cyclist pulled in front or was invisible, you can’t claim both because if the cyclist was invisible you would not know where they were prior to impact. I mean sure it’s possible the cyclist actually did pull in front of a speeding vehicle (not freeaking likely though), but if you can’t see the cyclist how would you know where the cyclist was before impact?

A driver is charged with murdering a cyclist in AZ. Murder charged in cyclist death Drunk driver that habitually drove intoxicated and even documented some of her driving while drunk and tested almost 3 times the 0.08 limit for intoxication when caught… Pity they can’t give her life even, much less the execution she so richly deserves.

Another pro cyclist has a run-in with a motor vehicle, fatally this time. Burry Stander, two-time Olympian cyclist, dies in collision with taxi I think this wreck was in South Africa, but really it could have been anywhere, taxi drivers have the problem of getting paid by the miles but charged by the hours for expenses which makes them drive like maniacs to try to keep their bottom line in the black. Other than the type of vehicle and driver involved I know nothing about the mode of this wreck. More Dirty Words: Cyclist killed by a car, avoidable or inevitable? Another link South African Olympic Cyclist Stander Is Killed in Road Accident Link South Africa mourns death of Olympic cyclist Burry Stander Last link Champion cyclist killed in South Africa And people ask why I get angry when people get hit by/with cars, this is why.

A serious wreck in Enn Zed. Cyclist killed in Wellington Head on wreck, somebody was on the wrong side of the road, but at the time of the posting of the link who it was had not been determined. More Cyclist Killed In Crash There was a note about a second wreck in the first link, but even less information given. Another link Cyclist killed in capital, two injured in Hamilton

And those are all the links that gave me fits today. I’m still working on the facemask conversion project and taking pictures to document the build, so be patient. It’s not like you can run out to get the mask I used to start the build until October anyway, but if you had one hanging around I could see getting impatient to make it work as winter gear.

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