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Another late start, and the Feed

I had a late night/long morning with the widow woman again and did not get home until after 1300. I had beans to get started over an hour late, and a trip to the storage unit to pay the rental on it that had to be done before I could even start to look at the Feed. Incidentally my comments to the service provider have borne fruit and the Feed is now producing links at approximately the same rate as before the recent fall off a cliff. I’m still trying to figure out why my pictures did not show in yesterday’s post. I put the pictures in the Media library, used the URL given for each picture to create the link and used the WP IMG tool to insert the hyperlinks into the post. I used only the tools and processes provided by WP to create the post on WP. A post that I spent more than 4 hours creating between cropping and re-sizing the pictures to a more Web-friendly format, uploading them to the Media Library in my WP account, typing the danged words into the document, and all the other stuff I did, then another 2 hours trying to debug the post to make the pictures visible, and still the only evidence I have that I actually tried to post pictures is the alt text placed where the pictures should be.

Up first is another SF cyclist “winning” the door prize. Cyclist Injured In Collision With Muni Bus The bus was secondary, what caused the wreck was the driver opening the door in the cyclist’s path causing the cyclist to swerve. Still waiting an update as to the condition of the cyclist. Looking at the street, the cyclist was apparently riding in a shared bus/bike lane with adjacent parking which required bikes to ride in the door zone. This is one of the reasons I dislike shared bus/bike lanes, when being passed by a bus the cyclist is quite often (almost “usually”) placed in peril of becoming a dooring victim because the bus driver is more concerned with maintaining schedule than not hitting the guy riding the bike, if the driver even notices the cyclist at all other than “something in the road that I should/did not hit”. I place the majority of the blame for this wreck on the person that opened the door in the path of the cyclist, with minor blame going to the person that declared this a bus/bike lane. The only way to prevent a wreck like this from happening again is to fix the infrastructure to that people in parked cars physically are unable to obstruct cyclists with car doors, the cyclist in this wreck had no place to go once the bus moved alongside him. There was not enough space for the cyclist to be outside the door zone once the bus came alongside.

A cyclist is hit-from-behind in South Africa. Cyclist critical after being hit by car Not much to say about this one, the driver was out of control of the weapon vehicle when he hit the cyclist, the cyclist lacked options due to being in a group, and the group provided ample testimony (besides the wrecked car and bike) that the driver was at fault. Now way to avoid this with the current state of infrastructure in SA, fixing the infrastructure is the only way to prevent a similar wreck in the future.

And someone has declared open season on cyclists in South Africa. 3 cyclist injured in accidents South Africa is a country about twice the size (roughly) of TX with a third of the population (roughly, running off possibly corrupted files here) and 3 cyclists injured after one was killed in a week’s time seems a bit on the high side to me.

More on a Saturday wreck in Enn Zed. Wellington cyclist struck by car named Still nothing on the mode or any other information on the physics of the wreck as the investigation has not yet been released to the public.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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