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Watching the rain come down, and the Feed

I have a meeting to go to tonight, and there are gentle showers coming down in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell right now. I’m hoping the rain stops because my rain gear traps almost as much moisture from the inside as it blocks from the outside and at these temperatures that could be deadly. I guess I will have to wear the wool underwear tonight to keep warm (wool retains 90% of its insulating power when wet) if it keeps raining until travel time for my meeting. I’m still working on the detail design of the e-assist bike, little things like the seat mount and locking the battery to the frame so that it will be hard to steal. I would like to install wheel locks that prevent the wheels from turning when engaged, but I haven’t seen those for sale in small quantities needed for hobby and low production builders like myself. I could get a shipping container full for $0.30 each, delivered, but that’s like a quarter million locks at one time. I will most likely never use that many locks in my lifetime, even putting locks at both ends of the bike would require me building over 100K bikes and I just don’t see that big a market for this bike. I’m sure it’s possible, but I don’t have that kind of capital at the moment any way. So I’m going to look for other kinds of locks that can do the same thing and also be bought in small to single quantities.

Up first is another hit-from-behind wreck outside Augusta GA. Cyclist hit by truck on Furys Ferry Road and Off-duty deputy identified as bike accident victim Several motor vehicles passed the cyclist with ample room to spare, no mention was made of any oncoming vehicles, and there was a witness in a following vehicle behind the weapon vehicle that saw the cyclist and the weapon vehicle striking the cyclist. This is pretty cut and dried, it was either negligence or malice on the part of the driver of the weapon vehicle. The victim is a bike cop in that jurisdiction, which means that he knows how to ride in traffic and knows the law. I don’t know that the victim being an off-duty LEO is going to make any difference in the treatment of the case, if the bond of the “thin blue line” is greater than the hatred of people riding bicycles. Anyway, hit-from-behind use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. More Bicycle deputy hit by truck and Bicyclist struck by vehicle on Furys Ferry Road With the pictures from those last 2 links you can see the road in question had wide lanes and good sight lines. Definitely a problem with the truck driver either being distracted or deliberately hitting the cyclist.

Our only other link is a wreck in the UK. Female cyclist injured in Louth on Sunday night Nothing about the wreck in this one that either confirms or refutes a second vehicle involved, this is UK media laws at their worst. The same description is used when a cyclist is hit and also hits the ground when there is confirmation of a second vehicle except that some kind of description of the second vehicle is given. Get the Infrastructure right to prevent… maybe.

And that’s all I have today, every last link.

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