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Soggy ride last night, and the Feed

First of all I need y’all to go visit this WP post so I can have a better chance at winning a Kindle HD that I could actually use to blog with (there being a WP app for the Kindle HD) and get out of the house more often.

Now that that’s out of the way, I had another meeting at the church last nigh planning a fund-raiser that will require some major planning and stage work on our part. Can’t say much about it yet, but I have been cleared to say we are putting on a murder mystery dinner with some slight parallels to “Harry Potter” instead of the Agatha Christie milieu that most of these productions hinge upon (or the board game “Clue”). One thing I have been tasked with is coming up with a recipe for butterbeer to serve with dessert. Now the getting to and from the meeting was a bit of a production for me, as my rain gear is starting to get old and show some leaks the most annoying of those leaks was the one at the crotch of my rain pants, which are coming up on 4 years old now, them and the jacket both. I don’t know what the expected lifespan of vinyl rain gear is, but I have had to repair the jacket a couple of times now and the crotch leak in the pants is recent (maybe as recent as the return trip last night). This means that between the leaky jacket and the leaky pants I’m now in the market for new rain gear. The problem is the difference between what I need and what I can afford is huge. I mean we are talking a divide worthy of the Grand Canyon. I need rain gear that lasts for years and breathes so I don’t get as wet from transpired moisture (not necessarily sweat, my skin does breathe and lose moisture through its pores) as I would have from just riding without protection, but here in TX the need to ride in the rain usually comes very seldom as we usually get our rain in the form of thunderstorms that are not safe to ride in no matter what kind of rain gear you are wearing. I went an entire year without riding in the rain during the drought 2 years ago. So I need rain gear that won’t dry out and crack or otherwise develop leaks if it just sits for a year or so in the closet and at the same time does not cost as much as a Wally World BSO, that has ventilation so I don’t get wet from my own transpired moisture, and that actually works to keep me dry in conditions that would be better suited to riding with SCUBA gear. Any suggestions?

Up first is a novel suggestion for getting around raising the gas tax from the state of VA. Gov. proposes getting rid of gas tax, raising sales tax As I pointed out in the comments section to the article, this means that people that don’t drive have an equal stake in the infrastructure as people that do because NONE of the money comes from “people that drive”, it comes from “people that spend money” and as the fuel source for cyclists and pedestrians is taxed but gas would not be that makes bike/ped and transit spending a higher priority as our fuel is taxed while cars are not.

First wreck, a CA cyclist is hit twice with the first impact being a hit-and-run. Bicyclist killed when hit twice on Highway 29; Clearlake woman arrested The driver claimed to have hit a deer. The second driver was driving too fast for conditions and should also get a ticket at the very least. Hit-from-behind so the protocols may have made it possible to avoid the wreck, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

And another link from the UK with an outcome. Two ‘thrill seekers’ killed cyclist as they raced a Mercedes and an Audi at 80mph Hit-from-behind but the description of the wreck shows that the motor vehicles were going too fast to avoid and at the same time removing any escape route by filling the entire width of the road. Getting the infrastructure right would have had the cyclist not riding on a major highway filled with idiots and prevented this wreck. The sentence in this case is another travesty as the driving ban will expire about the same time as the end of the prison sentence. The “ban” will result in minimal inconvenience for the perpetrators of this crime, while the victim is still dead.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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