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I have awesome readers Pt.2, and the Feed

OK not only awesome, but slightly scary. I clicked a link to a T-shirt ad and said to Mrs. the Poet that I liked the shirt. I don’t recall telling anyone else that, or writing anything about it in my blog (and I’m too lazy to check) but this morning that shirt showed up in the mail with my legal name on the label and nothing else in the package. The shirt was in an ad that was headlined “The Zombie Apocalypse will not be motorized” and had schematic figures (like the ones telling you which bathroom to use) across the front with word and thought balloons depicting three to the left (wearer’s right) as zombies seeking brains and the fourth bent over in exhaustion as desiring a bicycle. The ad also had a caption that said “Rule 1, cardio”. I know Mrs. the Poet did not get me this shirt as she does not have access to the Internet except on my computer, so who knew and how they knew I wanted this shirt is a mystery to me. As you can see, this shirt is also no longer available so the mystery deepens. OK I just checked my Amazon Wish List and I didn’t put it on there either. I’m reminded of what Alice said after falling through the looking glass.

Up first is a local infrastructure project. Changing The Cycling-scape: Garland’s North-South Bikeway Project Will Ease Transportation For Experienced And Beginner Riders The infrastructure they are talking about includes that bike lane I was complaining about a couple of weeks ago. So, progress, but not much progress.

Another CA driver mistakes a cyclist wearing Hi-Viz for a deer. Lawyer Charged in Fatal Hit-And-Run that Killed Bicyclist Due in Court I’m sure drivers mistake cyclists for deer all the time NOT. The other thing that bothered me was that killing the cyclist was a misdemeanor, leaving the scene of a fatal wreck was a felony. They both need to be felonies and hit-and-run needs to be a major felony even if the victim survives. To avoid use hit-from-behind protocol and shark repellent (I don’t know that it works against lawyers, but it helps against their cousins). To prevent get the infrastructure right including confiscating the cars used in hit-and-run and destroying them after the trial if convicted.

A VA man objects to having a bike trail through his back yard apparently because he doesn’t pay attention to his mail. Varina man upset by Virginia Capital Trail’s path I find it telling that the man would not object to a road being run through his back yard, but a bike path!? Heaven forfend!

And last link, that HiViz bike wear may be so much fluff in the Greater Scheme of Things. Why cycling in high-vis may be not as safe as you think The study was done with motorcyclists because people not burning fossil fuels just are not worth the time of day (J/K). But what it shows was something I mentioned in my stuff to get me for Christmas post back in November, that you have to contrast your color with the background to make the HiViz really pop and make you noticeable in traffic.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today, mostly from FB friends and Ted Rogers’ BikingInLA blog. My web search service was crapping out on me again today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus