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About to do some more plumbing, and the Feed

I finally got the wrench to shut off the water from the outside so I can fix the toilet, so after I get done with the blog post I get to shut down the 40K gallon/month leaky toilet. Yes, one leaky toilet is like leaving a faucet running 24/7 when there’s no way to shut it down. I have had the repair parts for almost a month, but with the toilet shutoff valve also leaking I had to find a wrench to shut off the water from the outside to make the repairs. I bought a wrench many years ago to do that very thing but CoG Utilities changed the cutoff valve so that wrench doesn’t fit any more… So anyway, after blog post then plumbing, then after plumbing comes shower and ritual planning session at church this evening. My plate is full today, especially since the ritual planning is a potluck.

Our first report is from the Great White North. Cyclist injured in crash The weapon vehicle received $700 in damages, the damages to the cyclist and his bike were not reported but as the cyclist was transported and stayed at least overnight you can say $10K+ for the cyclist and an unknown amount for the bike. The wreck was a hit-from-behind but other than that I have nothing. Hit-from-behind protocols including making your bike as visible as possible (doesn’t help avoid the wreck but makes getting money from the wreck easier), and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A wreck in Enn Zed sends a cyclist to the hospital. Car, cyclist collide one injured At this point I don’t even have a precise location other than “near” an intersection so I can’t even guess at the mode which could be anything from a hit-from-behind to a head on wreck and everything in between. More Rescue helicopter attends car and cyclist crash There they didn’t even know how many people were involved, but the injuries described could have been for either vehicle operator as hand/wrist injuries can result from making avoidance maneuvers in a motor vehicle.

Last link even Sasquatch (mistakenly identified as a “gorilla”) likes e-assist bikes. E-Bike News: Ditching Car for E-Bike, E-Trike Deliveries, Gorilla on Electric Fat Bike in Snow? [VIDEOS]

And those are all the links that gave me fits and were somehow bicycle-related.

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