Recovering from yesterday’s plumbing attempt, Wreck-Free Sunday

Yesterday I tried to turn the water off to the entire house so I could repair a leaky toilet with an equally leaky cutoff valve. Unfortunately the cutoff valve for the house has been pulled below the level of the water meter so the wrench I had had less than 1/8 of a turn to swing before hitting the water meter and coming off the valve, the first time rather violently causing my finger to get bashed against the inside of the water meter enclosure. That finger is still sore and difficult to bend because of that. So tomorrow I shall call the water company and find out how to get someone to shut off the water for a few hours (I expect it will take less than an hour to fix the toilet) because I have tried everything I can to do it myself and can’t. I am strongly considering modifying the wrench I bought many years ago to fit the valves installed now so I don’t have to go through this mess again in the future. it looks to be a simple cut and weld job to do the modification, cut a shape from plate steel that fits over the valve and then weld it to the existing wrench. Also I expect to have a slightly easier job of doing the blog post because my day for the widow woman to cry on my shoulder (which seems to be doing her a world of good) has been moved to Monday night instead of Sunday night. This means that I have a full day to make beans and rice and do a blog post before riding to the church for Mentor’s Circle.

Things have been a little strange since the Mayan Apocalypse last month. I have been having exceptionally good luck with traffic lights detecting my bike and changing for me, drivers have been exceptionally good about changing lanes to pass (Except for one Hispanic lady in a Lexus SUV that passed me driving on the shoulder to my right), and my cold-weather gear has been working pretty good at keeping me warm (even the home-made stuff, the only problem I have been having has been with glasses fogging because I can’t get the baffles sealed all the way). I need to put something that will positively locate the glasses on the mask so I can see out without having to fiddle with them and the wingnut for several minutes every time I use the mask. I have a fender washer that is drilled to fit the bolt I’m using, I might locate the glasses and then use a bead of Goop to glue the washer to the glasses so popping the glasses on it a quicker operation. I have also been experimenting with different methods of putting the mask on since I only wear it on days I wear the ‘clava under the helmet. I tried wearing the ‘clava over the mask to make putting the helmet on a faster operation, and the test seemed to work, but that was just an on/off test. The full test will be tonight in the cold going to and from church. The good thing about mask first then ‘clava is the mask keeps the ‘clava from getting in my peripheral vision while the ‘clava keeps the mask from getting caught on the helmet sweat liner.

The opportunity to complete the 20/20 Crank Forward full suspension bike has been presented before the annual local custom car and bike show, but I’m thinking probably I should do a better job and show the bike next year instead, after a bit of riding to get the bugs out of it. I’m torn between the 20/20 bike and the e-assist bike as to which would be the better bike to put in the show. Since the show is near Valentines Day every year I don’t have much time to build whatever I decide to build.

If things go as planned I should be doing a short post tomorrow and Tuesday.

PSA, Opus


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