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Making beans and blogging, and the Feed

The beans are cooking in the Crock Pot, the Feed has been filtered, and I have a drumming CD playing on the MP3 player. Something I have noticed about this particular MP3 player is that it does not “like” the OGG file format as far as battery life is concerned, by my reckoning battery life is about 2/3 what I got playing strictly MP3 compared to playing strictly OGG. That’s part of the price for better reproduction with the OGG format. I have my OGG drumming files playing at a bitrate of 224Kbps compared to a much lower rate for files that come in the MP3 format. Since I don’t have a choice about using MP3 when I rip (my software does not have MP3 because it is non-Open Source) I picked a compromise between file size and quality with what I had to choose from. CDs that are not percussion-heavy get ripped to 190 or so Kbps, drumming gets the higher rate to eliminate an artifact called “pre-attack” that comes with low bitrates in the OGG format. “Pre-attack” is similar in sound to an artifact from the analog world called “print through” where a loud sound shows up again on a magnetic tape one revolution later on the tape reel, except it precedes the attack of a sharp percussive sound, like drums or castanets. Obviously this would be bad for a drumming CD, so they get high bitrates.

Up first a cyclist is fatally left-crossed by a driver in illegal possession of a deadly weapon. Cyclist struck, killed in Fayetteville The comments give me some hope as only one in 3 blamed the cyclist for being there, the other 2 blamed the driver for driving without a license. Intersection wreck, so intersection protocol to avoid, and fix the infrastructure to prevent. Keeping people out of motor vehicles that do not have current licenses and insurance would be a start, and prosecuting people the kill while driving without a license the same as if they had an illegal firearm would be even better. But get the physical infrastructure fixed too.

The most deadly state in the US to walk or ride a bike 8 years running (still waiting on the official 2012 stats) kills another one just days into the new year. Cyclist killed by hit-and-run driver on Ives Dairy Road Hit-from-behind wreck, the protocols might have helped the cyclist avoid this wreck but the evidence is scanty either way. Fix the infrastructure to prevent, including making fatal hit-and-run equivalent to murder when sentencing, and destroying the motor vehicles used in all injury and fatal hit-and-run. We don’t give murderers and bank robbers their guns back after trial, why give motor vehicles back after they are used to commit a crime. Especially after the crime is killing an innocent person.

And those are all the links that gave me fits this morning.

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