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Running late but not much to say, and the Feed

Had another session with the widow woman yesterday, and had to wait for her sleep meds to wear off before I could come back. Instead of coming straight home we stopped at the local Harbor Freight and picked up some stuff I needed for camping and working on bikes. The most important item on the list was a charger that lets me do single-cell charges on my AA size NiMH rechargeables. The other charger I have only allows charging in pairs which means that for those things that used 3 AA batteries I was up the unsanitary tributary without visible means of locomotion as far as using rechargeable batteries was concerned. This includes many bicycle lights and flashlights. But now that’s no longer a concern as I have a single-cell to 4 cells charger that cuts off automatically to prevent overcharging.

Up first because that was what I clicked on first is a link to a hit-from-behind in MA. 60-year-old cyclist killed in Westfield LEO need to subpoena his online activities and see if he ever posted that he would run a cyclist over instead of passing safely, because that’s what the driver did in this case. And I have read too many posts on Boston.com that had comments that said either exactly that or something very similar to that. Anyway, hit-from-behind, use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And start executing drivers that kill.

Next folder had 2 links to a hit-and-run in NYC. Cyclist Critically Injured in Apparent Hit-and-Run in Brooklyn, Police Say and my favorite NYC local news outlet said Cyclist Critically Injured In Bushwick Hit And Run At this point NYPD has not released any details about the wreck that would allow my making a determination about conclusively avoiding or preventing this wreck, but based on what I know no I can say that they were in an intersection and that intersection protocols might have helped avoid this wreck and that getting the infrastructure right would have prevented it. Also see the last sentence of the previous paragraph.

A cyclist is hit-from-behind in CA. UPDATED: Bicyclist killed after being hit by car on Highway 299 At this point there is much speculation about why the driver hit the cyclist bu no hard facts. Another case of protocols to avoid, maybe, and fix the infrastructure to prevent. Also another one to check the driver’s online comments.

A killer driver faces charges in the death of a cyclist in the Great White North. Driver charged in September crash that killed cyclist They left off murder charges so the driver probably wasn’t on the Internet, or never made any comments to a link about a bicycle wreck. The wreck was a hit-from-behind where the driver hit 3 cyclists. This tells me that the protocols would have been ineffective even if used (maybe the survivors did use the protocols), and that the only thing that would have positively prevented the wreck would be infrastructure.

A rare UK link. Cyclist Alan Mort death: Judge warning after John Evans jailed Seldom do you read such a thing in UK media, that the judge actually warns other drivers to be more carefull or face a similar outcome. Also seldom do you see a sentence of prison handed down in the death of a cyclist, most get community service or a small fine. Even the driving ban was higher than usual for killing a cyclist (sometimes there is NO ban). So not only a rare link from the UK for this blog, but a rare link for the UK in general based on content.

Last up I have an Infrastructure! story that will knock your socks off. Death By Dooring? House Speaker Howell Thinks It’s Funny also An open-and-shut case of Assembly’s foolishness and “Dooring” Bill — Yes, it is About the Bike I was amazed that it’s legal to throw a door into the path of a cyclist or the actual cyclist and there is nothing police can do, any damages are the fault of the cyclist, not the driver that throws the door in front of him. There oughtta be a law! Well if this passes there will be a law.

And except for one link I lost while trying to put it in the post, those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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