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Forgot to mention we had another visit from the snow fairy yesterday, and the Feed

I didn’t think much of it yesterday because by the time we got out the roads were clear, but there was a major winter weather event here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell yesterday. I didn’t find out how bad it got until I read the paper this morning and saw the pictures of all the wrecked cars as bridges and overpasses turned from roads to ice rinks in minutes. And did I mention that Texas drivers have no concept of reduced traction in inclement weather? Well most don’t, and they get the chance to experience it so infrequently that when they do get the lesson it doesn’t get a chance to stick. I used to race cars on ice in Utah, and used those skills to deliver pizza in conditions that had local police stuck when I lived in TN (it was funny driving my little FWD econobox past Jeeps stuck in ditches while delivering pizza) so I understand the concept of the traction circle and the need to drive according to conditions and use smooth control inputs as traction is reduced. When I mention those concepts to most locals I get glazed expressions to go with the glazed streets.

Up first and only slightly bicycle-related, a woman in Belgium drives 900 miles and several international borders out of her way to a friend’s house because of a wrong turn from her GPS. Sabine Moreau, Belgian Woman, Drives 900 Miles Off 90-Mile Route Because Of GPS Error How this story relates to bicycles is that people get so fixated on following the damned GPS that they forget their common sense, sometimes including paying attention to the road. This woman was following a round-the-world course from her GPS instead of pushing the button for a new course that made more sense. People will fixate on their GPS instead of looking out the windshield to see where they are going and in the process run over cyclists that should have been plainly visible in front of them.

A CA wreck with very little in the way of information at the moment. Female Cyclist Seriously Injured in Long Beach Crash I’ll keep tracking this one to see if I can find out more. And here’s more Bicyclist killed in collision with car in Long Beach and Bicyclist Hit, Killed By Minivan In Long Beach also East Long Beach Traffic Accident Kills Bicyclist Right now this is being reported as a cyclist runs a red light wreck, but the only witness as to who had the red or green was the driver of the minivan… Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Update on the hit-and-run in NYC. Cyclist In Critical Condition From Hit & Run Is Construction Worker Who Builds Bikes OK this just became personal for me because the victim and I share a common hobby/business. And I like the comment made by “edgie” that explains so much about the lackluster investigations performed by NYPD when people are killed with motor vehicles.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, a killer driver faces sentencing. Driver in Rickenbacker Causeway cyclist death to be sentenced Pity that hanging, drawing and quartering were not on the table as punishment.

From one of my FB friends an article on riding in weather Texans wouldn’t drive in. (Yes, that’s another dig at TX) Ride On Layers, and warm gloves. Keep warm and you’ll find that many days you thought were not ridable are just fine. Icy roads are a different matter, I’m making some studded tires to mount on a spare wheel for that situation.

And those are all the links I could find today, I hope you enjoyed them or found something worth while.

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