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A mostly infrastructure post, and the Feed

Yep, not many links to wrecks today (thank [deity]), but lots of infrastructure links, and Stupid Cyclist Tricks (thank you David Letterman).

More strangeness in the mails as I was asked to sample ground coffee and do a survey about it. I’ll get back with you (if I am allowed to) about the coffee, but it’s several pots worth of free coffee coming in the mail… even if it’s Not Good coffee it’s still Free Coffee.

And I can tell it’s winter by looking at my average speed on the bike computer, which has dropped from around 11.5 MPH to 10 or so (with several trips under 10 MPH between cold, rain, and high winds that never seem to be in my favor). One thing I have to report on the good side, aside from some condensation problems the new mask is working well at it’s intended purpose of keeping wind off my face and not fogging my glasses. I would still prefer putting a baffle in a full-face motorcycle helmet, but really this mask is doing the job, and is not too bad to use now that I have figured out that the mask works best under the ‘clava instead of over it. I still need to glue that washer to the glasses so that I get them quickly located on the mask instead of having to fiddle with the left-right location to get both mirrors in the view of the lenses. That’s part of the fun of DIY personal gear.

Up first, to borrow a phrasing from Ted Rogers over at BikingInLA, if your casing homes to rob and you have marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and outstanding warrants you might want to ride a bike with lights on it to prevent getting pulled over by police. Thursday’s Sentinel police log

A cyclist in Oz is injured in a hit-and-run, 2 links. Cyclist seriously injured during hit and run and Cyclist injured in suspected hit-and-run If the driver didn’t stay at the scene then I’m pretty sure this was a hit-and-run…Note that you can see the cyclist had both a head and tail light visible in the video to the second link, which places the onus on the driver to see the cyclist since the cyclist has taken appropriate measures to ensure visibility. I still have no sound on my computer so I could not hear whatever voice-over came with the video. I’m not sure of the location of the wreck in relation to the nearest intersection so I can’t give instructions on avoiding this type of wreck, but getting the infrastructure right would prevent it.

Our first Infrastructure! link comes from VA as their dooring bill wends its way through the legislature. Senate panel backs car door opening bill in Virginia The comments on this bill are interesting, to say the least.

Another VA infrastructure law that helps cyclists is this bill being rejected. Panel rejects bill that would limit red-light cameras Right on red is a law that has killed thousands and maimed millions of pedestrians since it was forced on the country back in the 1970s as a way to save gas, but this bill would NOT protect pedestrians and sidewalk cyclists from drivers that roll through intersections without stopping to make sure that the intersection is really clear of traffic, not just clear of cars. Dumping it was a good idea.

Late link, Miami judge sentences drunken bike killer to less than a year in jail after hit-and-run. Michele Traverso Sentenced To Less Than a Year For Killing Cyclist; Carlos Bertonatti Still Awaiting Trial and Michele Traverso, Driver In Hit-And-Run That Killed Aaron Cohen, Sentenced To 364 Days In Jail (VIDEO) 364 days for killing a human being and injuring another in the same incident, with no mention of keeping him away from the controls of motor vehicles after his sentence. After reading the second link I’m wondering if the judge’s bank accounts need to be frozen and examined for recent large deposits, because going from 20-25 year to less than a year in under a week sounds suspiciously like money changed hands in exchange for a lesser sentence.

And that’s all the links I have today.

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