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Plugging along on a beanless bean day, and the Feed

I don’t have to make beans today, because the beans I made last week are still in good enough condition to eat as leftovers (Mrs. the Poet checked them this morning). That means I’m not tied to the house today, so I’ll probably go get some bits I need to buy from the store after I finish the blog. I’m still trying to get the pictures to show up in the “Make a Halloween mask a winter face mask” post. The pictures all have new and different URLs than what they had while I was creating the post, but for some reason the new URLs won’t load into the image links in the post. When I enter the new URLs and hit “save” the old URLs show up instead. Something is screwy.

Up first is a link to the aftermath of a CA bike wreck. Friends Seek Homes for Pets of Cyclist Killed by Los Al Driver If you live in the area and either want one of these animal companions or know someone who would take one in use the contact information in the linked article.

First wreck is in PA. Chesco bicyclist killed by car At this point LEO have not completed their investigation and have released no information about the wreck.

From the most deadly state to walk or ride a bike in the US for 8 years running (and the preliminary data from 2012 looks to make that 9 years). Cyclist killed during Tour De Cape News outlet is stupid, two sentences after the statement from the organizers that the Tour de Cape was not a race they called it a race. This was a bike on bike wreck where the following rider overlapped wheels with the lead rider and took himself down and was not wearing a helmet when his head hit the pavement. Asphalt may be softer than concrete, but it’s still harder than a skull and bicycle helmets are designed to prevent skull fracture and reduce TBI in wrecks like this. Seriously, if you’re going to be drafting like this you need to be wearing a helmet, particularly if you don’t practice drafting very often.

Last link is a report on a “rock star” who went into business as a bicycle painter. Clementine Bikes are homegrown and hand-painted by David Lee Yeah, I didn’t know who David Lee was either, I had him confused with David Lee Roth for a while…

And that’s all I got today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus