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Drinking coffee and listening to drumming, and the Feed

I have my music player set up to shuffle among the drumming CDs I have stored in it while I’m reading the Feed and drinking my coffee. Drumming is very calming for me and distracts my mind from other things enough for me to pay attention to the actual words in the Feed and interpret the sub-text of what’s not being said from what is being said. Being able to tell what’s being left out is as important a reading skill as reading what’s there, and is a skill that is rapidly becoming lost in today’s educational system. Reading for sub-text is a critical thinking skill and today’s educational system has been cutting out critical thinking skills for almost a generation now. Some people, like myself, have meta-learning. That is we were more or less born with the ability to do things that others have to learn, or we learn it so quickly and easily that it appears we were born knowing the skill. The athletic equivalent is the “born” athlete who has the skills for a sport so quickly and easily that he or she appears to have been born playing the sport. Where this particular wandering of words comes from is the comments section of one of the articles I have in the Feed today where readers apparently don’t even bother to read past the first paragraph of the article before spouting off about it and making comments about the group mentioned in the article as benefiting from the main subject of the article.

Up first is a wreck in CA. Cyclist Injured In Great Highway Collision Left cross, always the fault of the driver. Intersection protocols to avoid, and remember that every driveway and parking lot entrance is an intersection. This is another wreck where poor infrastructure and bad driver training contributed to the wreck which probably would not have happened with the “proper” infrastructure.

Our second link is also an injury wreck in CA. Cyclist suffers major head trauma in crash with car As the article reads now, the cyclist was hit from behind while riding on a street that has bike lanes, but where the cyclist was hit is not known and if there was debris that obstructed the bike lane is also unknown. Generic hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, but more information needed to say for sure. As (almost) always, getting the infrastructure right would have prevented this wreck no matter which lane the cyclist was riding in at the time of impact. Side note, since the lack of a helmet was not mentioned it may be safely assumed that the cyclist was wearing one that had its envelope of protection exceeded in this wreck.

Infrastructure! news update from VA as an anti-dooring bill wends its way through the legislature. Va. Senate OKs fining drivers who fling open doors This bill would make VA the 28th state that specifically makes opening a car door into traffic illegal. VA needs this law because their VC is permissive, if there is not a law against it it is legal to do in a motor vehicle. And we are losing the poll question by a hair. Log on and vote in favor of the law…

And that is all the links I have today giving me fits or not.

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