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Maybe it’s my browser, and the Feed

I’m still flailing away at the article on building the mask. I can’t get any pictures to show for me when I make changes to get the pictures to show. I finally got the URLs in the IMG tag to change to the URL now assigned to them, but I’m still not getting anything when I load the article to read it. So, to make sure this isn’t a problem with my browser could some of you look at the article and make a comment on if you see the pictures or not and the browser you are using to see or not see the pictures?

A cyclist in Enn Zed is hit because a driver failed to move over when passing. Serious injuries for cyclist The “swayed into a lane” quote tells me that drivers were passing way too close and not allowing for the cyclist to move around debris on the shoulder or acknowledging that bicycles have a right to the roads even in New Zeeland. Hit from behind protocols to avoid, and fix the infrastructure including driver education, to prevent.

An apparent pinball wreck in Oz. Cyclist, passengers injured after truck and bus collide The semi hit the bus from the right, and apparently the cyclist was hit by the bus. Not a whole lot of information on the injured cyclist who was riding with a group. Pinball wrecks are impossible to avoid, and can only be prevented by segregated infrastructure with a barrier to prevent out-of-control vehicles from entering the bicycle area.

And those are all the bicycle links I have today. There were lots of motorcycle wrecks but there was nothing in them that would be of use for this blog.

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