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Planning another DIY project, and the Feed

I have one of those busy minds, that won’t stop planning things to build. I guess that is one of the things that goes along with accepting Hephaestus as your masculine deity to go with the Lady Ghisallo as your feminine deity. Anyway I was looking at the 27 LED worklight/flashlight I got at Harbor Freight and was thinking “Two of these would make great ‘seen by’ lights for a bicycle.” The trick would be to mount the lights so they used a common switch and had the 24 LED bank facing forward and lighting up the road and road signs, with the 3 LED flashlight portion aimed sideways to definitively announce your presence at street intersections. The trick of course would be re-wiring the light to bypass the installed switch so that everything lights up at once on both lights at the same time. Keep an eye peeled for a Wreck-Free Sunday post about doing this project.

The driver of an SUV failed to yield to a cyclist with right-of-way in Enn Zed. Cyclist injured in collision with car Intersection wreck, not clear as to which direction the cyclist was traveling in relation to the SUV, but intersection protocols none-the-less to avoid. Get the infrastructure right to prevent. Look at that sea of asphalt in the picture, there’s no reason that couldn’t have been divvied up for bicycles and motor vehicles to use safely instead of having to fight for space. Of course given that the SUV driver failed to yield already, physical infrastructure without strong legal infrastructure to back it up is not worth much, you need laws that make the physical infrastructure work.

Infrastructure!-ish sort of article from NYC. 17 Pedestrians & Cyclists Killed In December, 1,500 Injured If people were actually paying attention to what was going on instead of what the mass media tells us to pay attention to, someone (besides me) would be clamoring for some form of “car control” to stem the tide of dead and injured pedestrians and cyclists.

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