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I’m going to go ride my bike today, and the Feed

I have been a little down the last couple of days, and I have also been off the bike the same period of time. Coincidence? I think not. At any rate I have an errand to run today that will require I get on my bike, so we shall see how I feel tomorrow. I have also been working on a DIY project to turn $5 in Harbor Freight work lights and some sheet metal and hose clamps into a stylishly functional bicycle lighting system. The plan also includes switches, a 3-AA battery box and solar power panels to keep the batteries up a little better between full charges at home. If I get the solar power right and park the bike in the sun I could get by with charging the batteries just once for the life of the light. I’m building this project for the 20/20 Crank Forward bike project. I have moved the timeline for that project to show it at the 2014 Custom Car Show in the Non-Motorized division, as there is not enough time to finish the bike and get the job done right, since I just solved the seatpost rotation problem a few days ago (the seat tube is set at so shallow an angle that keeping the seat pointed in the right direction is a major issue in riding the bike).

So far the only link I have to a wreck is a re-hash of the hit-and-run near Bellingham WA that I mentioned a couple of days ago.1 bicyclist killed, 1 injured in Whatcom Co. Still a dead cyclist, still an impaired driver with zero compassion towards the injured cyclist. She still deserves the death penalty, so nothing has changed in this story.

This came late. Bicyclist dies in wreck Another ht-from-behind by a blind driver. Use the protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

This is kinda cute… A Strava inspired mobile phone ad I don’t watch much TV these days so I haven’t seen the ad mentioned.

And this is not cute. Plea to online users not to circulate photos of boys’ bodies I have inquired if arresting the driver is routine in fatal wrecks or if this indicates who was at fault in the wreck, still waiting an answer.

Infrastructure! news from NYC, where stupid people get newspaper columns. Hamill: ‘I hate bike lanes’ and support the mayoral candidate who will put the brakes on them

Blue and I will be making a public appearance at the BFOC Mardi Gras ride on February 10th. The Official Dallas Tweed Ride, Cancelled; Rescheduled for November 2013 Link to the Mardi Gras ride is in the article about the Tweed Ride (which I might also show up for). I’m looking for a supply of cheap beads to throw, and a pink feather boa to go with the HiViz jersey I have and my black tights (if wearing pink and ANSI Safety Lime doesn’t convince people I’m either straight or completely color blind I don’t know what will).

And those are all the links I have for today, now I’m going to go ride my bike.

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