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Plugging along on a beanless bean day, and the Feed

I don’t have to make beans today, because the beans I made last week are still in good enough condition to eat as leftovers (Mrs. the Poet checked them this morning). That means I’m not tied to the house today, so I’ll probably go get some bits I need to buy from the store after I finish the blog. I’m still trying to get the pictures to show up in the “Make a Halloween mask a winter face mask” post. The pictures all have new and different URLs than what they had while I was creating the post, but for some reason the new URLs won’t load into the image links in the post. When I enter the new URLs and hit “save” the old URLs show up instead. Something is screwy.

Up first is a link to the aftermath of a CA bike wreck. Friends Seek Homes for Pets of Cyclist Killed by Los Al Driver If you live in the area and either want one of these animal companions or know someone who would take one in use the contact information in the linked article.

First wreck is in PA. Chesco bicyclist killed by car At this point LEO have not completed their investigation and have released no information about the wreck.

From the most deadly state to walk or ride a bike in the US for 8 years running (and the preliminary data from 2012 looks to make that 9 years). Cyclist killed during Tour De Cape News outlet is stupid, two sentences after the statement from the organizers that the Tour de Cape was not a race they called it a race. This was a bike on bike wreck where the following rider overlapped wheels with the lead rider and took himself down and was not wearing a helmet when his head hit the pavement. Asphalt may be softer than concrete, but it’s still harder than a skull and bicycle helmets are designed to prevent skull fracture and reduce TBI in wrecks like this. Seriously, if you’re going to be drafting like this you need to be wearing a helmet, particularly if you don’t practice drafting very often.

Last link is a report on a “rock star” who went into business as a bicycle painter. Clementine Bikes are homegrown and hand-painted by David Lee Yeah, I didn’t know who David Lee was either, I had him confused with David Lee Roth for a while…

And that’s all I got today.

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Infrastructure ideas just get dumped in my lap, Wreck-Free Sunday

I sometimes get amazing Infrastructure! ideas just dumped in my lap from the most unlikely sources. Seriously, this Instructible came in the morning e-mail dump and I’m just blown away with how easy it would be to execute, how it manages to do all the things that a system of this type is supposed to do, and how it does it better than anything else out there.

This project takes the concept of the HAWK crosswalk warning system ans turns it upside down and sideways. so that not only are drivers alerted that pedestrians want to cross, they are shown where the crosswalk is on the road, and where the pedestrians are in the road. How to Make a ‘Glowing Crosswalk’ Urban Prototype The prototype system was created to be a portable demonstration system, but the principles and much of the hardware would be the same for the permanently installed system. I particularly like the battery-backup so that the crossing works even if grid power is down, meaning even in a power failure pedestrians can safely cross the street (assuming drivers aren’t taking advantage of the chaos to be assholes).

I see this as being ideal for mid-block crossings that would be hard to notice otherwise, as drivers have become conditioned to only seeing pedestrian crossings at intersections. As I see it it would be far more useful than the HAWK system that sits at the side of the street and does not light the middle of the street. It has the potential to be far less expensive to install than the HAWK system, which runs between $77K and $125K depending on the complexity of the installation.

My riding has been ahead of projections so far this month, I was planning on a 2K mile year this year, and my “trend” line at is way ahead of that. Part of that is because I generally have a lot of places to ride to at the beginning of the year as I have to make many trips to banks to deposit checks that came over the holidays, and meetings for various church committees that form over the holidays to do things in the coming year, plus just the usual banging around I do for keeping the household running and doing what I do. Then I have less to do during February and March that I can do on my bike and I fall behind a bit, then things get real busy during the late Spring and Summer as I run all over town doing things and going places. Then I usually get most of my miles in for the year. Last year was a bit different because of me Dad getting sick and then passing, with several weeks away from home and a bicycle living in a town that had no use for either bicycles or walking. That is not likely to happen this year as I’m all out of parents. That last sentence was a lot more jarring than I intended, but I have tried several times to come up with some other way to say it and all of them are even more jarring.

I’m still trying to get the pictures to show in the build story for the winter face mask I made from the Halloween mask, but nothing seems to be working. I’ll take another stab at it today, maybe it will work this time…

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The new gear gets a test ride, and the Feed

Of the new gear I got from yesterday I have managed to give 2 items a test ride of sorts. I wore one of the long sleeve Ts on a ride to deposit a check (14.5 miles RT) and was pleased with the balance between keeping the wind off my skin preventing excess cooling and the wicking action pulling sweat away keeping my skin dry and cooling me but not too much. IOW it worked like a long sleeve wicking jersey but at a fraction of the price. The other item I wore was the wicking polo that I wore to a party to see if anyone could tell it was part of my cycling gear. Nobody could tell it was wicking or had any clue that it was actually visibility gear, they just thought it was another of my brightly colored shirts that I sometimes wear to parties to help make them “festive”. I can’t make any judgments about the wicking ability of the polo shirt, the most strenuous thing I did all night was eating a half-pound cheeseburger and walking to the restroom.

Up first a wreck that has not been fully investigated yet in OK. Bike rider dies after being hit As of the posting of this link all that had been released was the fact that the wreck happened, what happened is still up for grabs, so I’ll keep watching this story to see what develops. And develop it has. Altus Police Investigating Fatal Car-On-Bike Collision It seems this is a hit-from-behind wreck of a lighted and reflectorised cyclist and a hit-and-run to boot. Prediction: the driver will claim he “didn’t see” anything when he hit the cyclist and didn’t stop because he has the IQ of a mule and just ignored an impact that tore pieces from his truck and left them scattered in the road.

Lots of links to this UK story about the low value placed on lives not carried inside motor vehicles. Taxi driver fined £35 after cyclist’s death and Taxi driver who killed a cyclist and carried his body on car bonnet for 90 metres before smashing into a tree is fined just £35 also Taxi driver fined £35 after killing Birmingham cyclist Even Daily Mail readers are aghast at this exhibition, normally they are there with the torches and pitchforks at the slightest bicyclist transgression. AFAIK and not being an expert on the UK justice system by any means, much of the problem with this case came from the court it was tried in. Basically the only way that there could have been a stiffer sentence imposed would have been for the magistrate to have refused to hear the case on the grounds that it exceeded his authority. In US terms this was a Justice of the Peace hearing a murder case, and only having limited fines and tiny jail sentences at his disposal.

In contrast to the previous story, a court with real authority can impose significant amounts of prison time when deserved. Drivers have a responsibility to be aware of cyclists, says judge This case resulted in both an admonishment to all drivers to watch what was in front of them on the roads as well as a prison term and loss of driving privileges. Still not appropriate to the crime, but several orders of magnitude greater than the previous story.

And that’s all I have today. After I post this I have to go put some lube on my chain, as it has been too cold to apply my particular brand of chain lube (50°F or warmer required for the carrier oil to take the dissolved solid lubricant inside the links) until recently.

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Changing weather, and maybe no Feed

When I hit the office this morning the first thing I did was check the Feed and there was nothing in the Feed folder in my mail. So this may be a very short blog post.

Weather here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell has been variable this week as we had snow on Tuesday with skating-rink driving conditions, and shirtsleeve temperatures with light breezes yesterday. Many people I know are sick because of the rapid changes in temperature because they are not hardened to the cold as I have by running around wearing shorts and slippers as the thermostat is gradually lowered a little bit every day to get the house down to low to mid 60s F (16-18C). I used to go barefoot, but the continuing nerve problems I’m having with the foot on the injuredcrippled leg has forced me to wearing both socks and slippers in the house to prevent pain that literally knocks me off my feet (I go back to bed until my feet warm up). Anyway, the changes in the weather have left less-hardy people abed with colds and flu has also been prevalent in the area. One of the advantages of working at a home office (besides wearing nothing but soccer shorts and slippers to work) is I’m not constantly exposed to communicable disease, unlike Mrs. the Poet who works with those biological warfare vectors known as “children” every day.

Time passes.

The mail came in and among the other things was a big box from My post-Christmas purchase finally arrived and I now have 2 long-sleeve wicking Ts, a short-sleeve wicking polo that I’m wearing as I type, a long sleeve cotton sweatshirt that is oh-so-cozy, and a zippered mesh vest that has a crazy huge array of retro-reflective stripes, about twice what I have with my ancient blinky-LED vest. That blinky-LED vest is going to be salvaged to make flashing wrist bands so I can be better seen while signaling turns, and the rest of the reflective strips will be glued to my Army ALICE ruck to make me less invisible when I’m getting large items from the grocery store. And they also included a VERY COLORFUL pen… When the bulk of your merchandise is ANSI Safety Lime and you put pictures on your promotional items they become VERY COLORFUL! This is the second large purchase that either I made or was done for me, and I’m very happy with the previous purchase as those items are still in very frequent use. I’m sure the stuff I got today will be in similar rotation, especially as everything but the sweatshirt is a 3 or 4 season article when combined with layering. And the vest can be used in any season as it doesn’t add much to insulating properties nor take anything away.

And as there doesn’t seem to be anything in the Feed folder today I’m going to post this and be on my way doing errands like depositing someone’s Christmas money into the bank, for which they will BE GRATEFUL OR ELSE! At least now I’ll be more visible on the trip there and back…

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A mostly infrastructure post, and the Feed

Yep, not many links to wrecks today (thank [deity]), but lots of infrastructure links, and Stupid Cyclist Tricks (thank you David Letterman).

More strangeness in the mails as I was asked to sample ground coffee and do a survey about it. I’ll get back with you (if I am allowed to) about the coffee, but it’s several pots worth of free coffee coming in the mail… even if it’s Not Good coffee it’s still Free Coffee.

And I can tell it’s winter by looking at my average speed on the bike computer, which has dropped from around 11.5 MPH to 10 or so (with several trips under 10 MPH between cold, rain, and high winds that never seem to be in my favor). One thing I have to report on the good side, aside from some condensation problems the new mask is working well at it’s intended purpose of keeping wind off my face and not fogging my glasses. I would still prefer putting a baffle in a full-face motorcycle helmet, but really this mask is doing the job, and is not too bad to use now that I have figured out that the mask works best under the ‘clava instead of over it. I still need to glue that washer to the glasses so that I get them quickly located on the mask instead of having to fiddle with the left-right location to get both mirrors in the view of the lenses. That’s part of the fun of DIY personal gear.

Up first, to borrow a phrasing from Ted Rogers over at BikingInLA, if your casing homes to rob and you have marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and outstanding warrants you might want to ride a bike with lights on it to prevent getting pulled over by police. Thursday’s Sentinel police log

A cyclist in Oz is injured in a hit-and-run, 2 links. Cyclist seriously injured during hit and run and Cyclist injured in suspected hit-and-run If the driver didn’t stay at the scene then I’m pretty sure this was a hit-and-run…Note that you can see the cyclist had both a head and tail light visible in the video to the second link, which places the onus on the driver to see the cyclist since the cyclist has taken appropriate measures to ensure visibility. I still have no sound on my computer so I could not hear whatever voice-over came with the video. I’m not sure of the location of the wreck in relation to the nearest intersection so I can’t give instructions on avoiding this type of wreck, but getting the infrastructure right would prevent it.

Our first Infrastructure! link comes from VA as their dooring bill wends its way through the legislature. Senate panel backs car door opening bill in Virginia The comments on this bill are interesting, to say the least.

Another VA infrastructure law that helps cyclists is this bill being rejected. Panel rejects bill that would limit red-light cameras Right on red is a law that has killed thousands and maimed millions of pedestrians since it was forced on the country back in the 1970s as a way to save gas, but this bill would NOT protect pedestrians and sidewalk cyclists from drivers that roll through intersections without stopping to make sure that the intersection is really clear of traffic, not just clear of cars. Dumping it was a good idea.

Late link, Miami judge sentences drunken bike killer to less than a year in jail after hit-and-run. Michele Traverso Sentenced To Less Than a Year For Killing Cyclist; Carlos Bertonatti Still Awaiting Trial and Michele Traverso, Driver In Hit-And-Run That Killed Aaron Cohen, Sentenced To 364 Days In Jail (VIDEO) 364 days for killing a human being and injuring another in the same incident, with no mention of keeping him away from the controls of motor vehicles after his sentence. After reading the second link I’m wondering if the judge’s bank accounts need to be frozen and examined for recent large deposits, because going from 20-25 year to less than a year in under a week sounds suspiciously like money changed hands in exchange for a lesser sentence.

And that’s all the links I have today.

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Forgot to mention we had another visit from the snow fairy yesterday, and the Feed

I didn’t think much of it yesterday because by the time we got out the roads were clear, but there was a major winter weather event here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell yesterday. I didn’t find out how bad it got until I read the paper this morning and saw the pictures of all the wrecked cars as bridges and overpasses turned from roads to ice rinks in minutes. And did I mention that Texas drivers have no concept of reduced traction in inclement weather? Well most don’t, and they get the chance to experience it so infrequently that when they do get the lesson it doesn’t get a chance to stick. I used to race cars on ice in Utah, and used those skills to deliver pizza in conditions that had local police stuck when I lived in TN (it was funny driving my little FWD econobox past Jeeps stuck in ditches while delivering pizza) so I understand the concept of the traction circle and the need to drive according to conditions and use smooth control inputs as traction is reduced. When I mention those concepts to most locals I get glazed expressions to go with the glazed streets.

Up first and only slightly bicycle-related, a woman in Belgium drives 900 miles and several international borders out of her way to a friend’s house because of a wrong turn from her GPS. Sabine Moreau, Belgian Woman, Drives 900 Miles Off 90-Mile Route Because Of GPS Error How this story relates to bicycles is that people get so fixated on following the damned GPS that they forget their common sense, sometimes including paying attention to the road. This woman was following a round-the-world course from her GPS instead of pushing the button for a new course that made more sense. People will fixate on their GPS instead of looking out the windshield to see where they are going and in the process run over cyclists that should have been plainly visible in front of them.

A CA wreck with very little in the way of information at the moment. Female Cyclist Seriously Injured in Long Beach Crash I’ll keep tracking this one to see if I can find out more. And here’s more Bicyclist killed in collision with car in Long Beach and Bicyclist Hit, Killed By Minivan In Long Beach also East Long Beach Traffic Accident Kills Bicyclist Right now this is being reported as a cyclist runs a red light wreck, but the only witness as to who had the red or green was the driver of the minivan… Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Update on the hit-and-run in NYC. Cyclist In Critical Condition From Hit & Run Is Construction Worker Who Builds Bikes OK this just became personal for me because the victim and I share a common hobby/business. And I like the comment made by “edgie” that explains so much about the lackluster investigations performed by NYPD when people are killed with motor vehicles.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, a killer driver faces sentencing. Driver in Rickenbacker Causeway cyclist death to be sentenced Pity that hanging, drawing and quartering were not on the table as punishment.

From one of my FB friends an article on riding in weather Texans wouldn’t drive in. (Yes, that’s another dig at TX) Ride On Layers, and warm gloves. Keep warm and you’ll find that many days you thought were not ridable are just fine. Icy roads are a different matter, I’m making some studded tires to mount on a spare wheel for that situation.

And those are all the links I could find today, I hope you enjoyed them or found something worth while.

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Running late but not much to say, and the Feed

Had another session with the widow woman yesterday, and had to wait for her sleep meds to wear off before I could come back. Instead of coming straight home we stopped at the local Harbor Freight and picked up some stuff I needed for camping and working on bikes. The most important item on the list was a charger that lets me do single-cell charges on my AA size NiMH rechargeables. The other charger I have only allows charging in pairs which means that for those things that used 3 AA batteries I was up the unsanitary tributary without visible means of locomotion as far as using rechargeable batteries was concerned. This includes many bicycle lights and flashlights. But now that’s no longer a concern as I have a single-cell to 4 cells charger that cuts off automatically to prevent overcharging.

Up first because that was what I clicked on first is a link to a hit-from-behind in MA. 60-year-old cyclist killed in Westfield LEO need to subpoena his online activities and see if he ever posted that he would run a cyclist over instead of passing safely, because that’s what the driver did in this case. And I have read too many posts on that had comments that said either exactly that or something very similar to that. Anyway, hit-from-behind, use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And start executing drivers that kill.

Next folder had 2 links to a hit-and-run in NYC. Cyclist Critically Injured in Apparent Hit-and-Run in Brooklyn, Police Say and my favorite NYC local news outlet said Cyclist Critically Injured In Bushwick Hit And Run At this point NYPD has not released any details about the wreck that would allow my making a determination about conclusively avoiding or preventing this wreck, but based on what I know no I can say that they were in an intersection and that intersection protocols might have helped avoid this wreck and that getting the infrastructure right would have prevented it. Also see the last sentence of the previous paragraph.

A cyclist is hit-from-behind in CA. UPDATED: Bicyclist killed after being hit by car on Highway 299 At this point there is much speculation about why the driver hit the cyclist bu no hard facts. Another case of protocols to avoid, maybe, and fix the infrastructure to prevent. Also another one to check the driver’s online comments.

A killer driver faces charges in the death of a cyclist in the Great White North. Driver charged in September crash that killed cyclist They left off murder charges so the driver probably wasn’t on the Internet, or never made any comments to a link about a bicycle wreck. The wreck was a hit-from-behind where the driver hit 3 cyclists. This tells me that the protocols would have been ineffective even if used (maybe the survivors did use the protocols), and that the only thing that would have positively prevented the wreck would be infrastructure.

A rare UK link. Cyclist Alan Mort death: Judge warning after John Evans jailed Seldom do you read such a thing in UK media, that the judge actually warns other drivers to be more carefull or face a similar outcome. Also seldom do you see a sentence of prison handed down in the death of a cyclist, most get community service or a small fine. Even the driving ban was higher than usual for killing a cyclist (sometimes there is NO ban). So not only a rare link from the UK for this blog, but a rare link for the UK in general based on content.

Last up I have an Infrastructure! story that will knock your socks off. Death By Dooring? House Speaker Howell Thinks It’s Funny also An open-and-shut case of Assembly’s foolishness and “Dooring” Bill — Yes, it is About the Bike I was amazed that it’s legal to throw a door into the path of a cyclist or the actual cyclist and there is nothing police can do, any damages are the fault of the cyclist, not the driver that throws the door in front of him. There oughtta be a law! Well if this passes there will be a law.

And except for one link I lost while trying to put it in the post, those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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Making beans and blogging, and the Feed

The beans are cooking in the Crock Pot, the Feed has been filtered, and I have a drumming CD playing on the MP3 player. Something I have noticed about this particular MP3 player is that it does not “like” the OGG file format as far as battery life is concerned, by my reckoning battery life is about 2/3 what I got playing strictly MP3 compared to playing strictly OGG. That’s part of the price for better reproduction with the OGG format. I have my OGG drumming files playing at a bitrate of 224Kbps compared to a much lower rate for files that come in the MP3 format. Since I don’t have a choice about using MP3 when I rip (my software does not have MP3 because it is non-Open Source) I picked a compromise between file size and quality with what I had to choose from. CDs that are not percussion-heavy get ripped to 190 or so Kbps, drumming gets the higher rate to eliminate an artifact called “pre-attack” that comes with low bitrates in the OGG format. “Pre-attack” is similar in sound to an artifact from the analog world called “print through” where a loud sound shows up again on a magnetic tape one revolution later on the tape reel, except it precedes the attack of a sharp percussive sound, like drums or castanets. Obviously this would be bad for a drumming CD, so they get high bitrates.

Up first a cyclist is fatally left-crossed by a driver in illegal possession of a deadly weapon. Cyclist struck, killed in Fayetteville The comments give me some hope as only one in 3 blamed the cyclist for being there, the other 2 blamed the driver for driving without a license. Intersection wreck, so intersection protocol to avoid, and fix the infrastructure to prevent. Keeping people out of motor vehicles that do not have current licenses and insurance would be a start, and prosecuting people the kill while driving without a license the same as if they had an illegal firearm would be even better. But get the physical infrastructure fixed too.

The most deadly state in the US to walk or ride a bike 8 years running (still waiting on the official 2012 stats) kills another one just days into the new year. Cyclist killed by hit-and-run driver on Ives Dairy Road Hit-from-behind wreck, the protocols might have helped the cyclist avoid this wreck but the evidence is scanty either way. Fix the infrastructure to prevent, including making fatal hit-and-run equivalent to murder when sentencing, and destroying the motor vehicles used in all injury and fatal hit-and-run. We don’t give murderers and bank robbers their guns back after trial, why give motor vehicles back after they are used to commit a crime. Especially after the crime is killing an innocent person.

And those are all the links that gave me fits this morning.

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Recovering from yesterday’s plumbing attempt, Wreck-Free Sunday

Yesterday I tried to turn the water off to the entire house so I could repair a leaky toilet with an equally leaky cutoff valve. Unfortunately the cutoff valve for the house has been pulled below the level of the water meter so the wrench I had had less than 1/8 of a turn to swing before hitting the water meter and coming off the valve, the first time rather violently causing my finger to get bashed against the inside of the water meter enclosure. That finger is still sore and difficult to bend because of that. So tomorrow I shall call the water company and find out how to get someone to shut off the water for a few hours (I expect it will take less than an hour to fix the toilet) because I have tried everything I can to do it myself and can’t. I am strongly considering modifying the wrench I bought many years ago to fit the valves installed now so I don’t have to go through this mess again in the future. it looks to be a simple cut and weld job to do the modification, cut a shape from plate steel that fits over the valve and then weld it to the existing wrench. Also I expect to have a slightly easier job of doing the blog post because my day for the widow woman to cry on my shoulder (which seems to be doing her a world of good) has been moved to Monday night instead of Sunday night. This means that I have a full day to make beans and rice and do a blog post before riding to the church for Mentor’s Circle.

Things have been a little strange since the Mayan Apocalypse last month. I have been having exceptionally good luck with traffic lights detecting my bike and changing for me, drivers have been exceptionally good about changing lanes to pass (Except for one Hispanic lady in a Lexus SUV that passed me driving on the shoulder to my right), and my cold-weather gear has been working pretty good at keeping me warm (even the home-made stuff, the only problem I have been having has been with glasses fogging because I can’t get the baffles sealed all the way). I need to put something that will positively locate the glasses on the mask so I can see out without having to fiddle with them and the wingnut for several minutes every time I use the mask. I have a fender washer that is drilled to fit the bolt I’m using, I might locate the glasses and then use a bead of Goop to glue the washer to the glasses so popping the glasses on it a quicker operation. I have also been experimenting with different methods of putting the mask on since I only wear it on days I wear the ‘clava under the helmet. I tried wearing the ‘clava over the mask to make putting the helmet on a faster operation, and the test seemed to work, but that was just an on/off test. The full test will be tonight in the cold going to and from church. The good thing about mask first then ‘clava is the mask keeps the ‘clava from getting in my peripheral vision while the ‘clava keeps the mask from getting caught on the helmet sweat liner.

The opportunity to complete the 20/20 Crank Forward full suspension bike has been presented before the annual local custom car and bike show, but I’m thinking probably I should do a better job and show the bike next year instead, after a bit of riding to get the bugs out of it. I’m torn between the 20/20 bike and the e-assist bike as to which would be the better bike to put in the show. Since the show is near Valentines Day every year I don’t have much time to build whatever I decide to build.

If things go as planned I should be doing a short post tomorrow and Tuesday.

PSA, Opus

About to do some more plumbing, and the Feed

I finally got the wrench to shut off the water from the outside so I can fix the toilet, so after I get done with the blog post I get to shut down the 40K gallon/month leaky toilet. Yes, one leaky toilet is like leaving a faucet running 24/7 when there’s no way to shut it down. I have had the repair parts for almost a month, but with the toilet shutoff valve also leaking I had to find a wrench to shut off the water from the outside to make the repairs. I bought a wrench many years ago to do that very thing but CoG Utilities changed the cutoff valve so that wrench doesn’t fit any more… So anyway, after blog post then plumbing, then after plumbing comes shower and ritual planning session at church this evening. My plate is full today, especially since the ritual planning is a potluck.

Our first report is from the Great White North. Cyclist injured in crash The weapon vehicle received $700 in damages, the damages to the cyclist and his bike were not reported but as the cyclist was transported and stayed at least overnight you can say $10K+ for the cyclist and an unknown amount for the bike. The wreck was a hit-from-behind but other than that I have nothing. Hit-from-behind protocols including making your bike as visible as possible (doesn’t help avoid the wreck but makes getting money from the wreck easier), and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A wreck in Enn Zed sends a cyclist to the hospital. Car, cyclist collide one injured At this point I don’t even have a precise location other than “near” an intersection so I can’t even guess at the mode which could be anything from a hit-from-behind to a head on wreck and everything in between. More Rescue helicopter attends car and cyclist crash There they didn’t even know how many people were involved, but the injuries described could have been for either vehicle operator as hand/wrist injuries can result from making avoidance maneuvers in a motor vehicle.

Last link even Sasquatch (mistakenly identified as a “gorilla”) likes e-assist bikes. E-Bike News: Ditching Car for E-Bike, E-Trike Deliveries, Gorilla on Electric Fat Bike in Snow? [VIDEOS]

And those are all the links that gave me fits and were somehow bicycle-related.

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