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Getting the post out with both Friday and Saturday Feeds

I related in a very late post yesterday how I spent most of my day yesterday riding buses or waiting to ride buses as I did a little shopping and helped Mrs. the Poet get to her part-time job. Now I have to get the links for yesterday and today posted and available. This is like Monday without the benefit of a calm and reflective Sunday before it.

Up first is a report on a cyclist killed near El Paso. Dedicated cyclist Tom Veljic killed in December car crash Nothing on the mode of the wreck or even which vehicles were involved, but this is more about the victim than how he died.

A wreck “Joisey”. Clifton Police identify man killed while riding bicycle on Route 3 I don’t believe the account about the cyclist “crossing” the road absent viewing the actual physical evidence, but the bare fact of the hit-and-run is enough to declare fault in this wreck. In my book any hit-and-run is automatically the fault of the driver that flees the scene. And all hit-and-run drivers should be forced to watch their cars get recycled, from the inside of the car if they killed someone.

A cyclist visiting Oz from a country where they ride on both the right and “correct” side of the road salmons to his death. Killed cyclist riding wrong way down road This is one of the problems with having different countries requiring different sides of the road to ride/drive on, if you come from one and then move to or visit another you can wind up dead. I can’t offer much advice on this one except to remember where you are and which side of the road they drive on.

Irony from the NY Post as they count up the number of people killed my motor vehicles while ranting about “dangerous” bicycles in an ad under the article. B’klyn mean streets and the article they have linked under this litany of motor vehicle death and destruction Getting a jump on rogue cyclists Note that more than 15K people were injured enough to require a police report, but instead of actually doing something about the causes of these injuries and deaths, they assign 3K people to give tickets to delivery cyclists trying to make a living that seldom injure and haven’t killed anyone since 2009… Talk about your misplaced priorities.

And those are all the live links that had something to do with cycling that were not about racing.

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