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Bean day again, and the Feed

Yep, time to fire up the slow cooker and turn $1 in beans and $0.50 in rice and a few spices into dinner for 6. Actually with the prices of both beans and rice going up because of the extended drought in the US I may have to ratchet those costs up a notch or 2, but this is still the least expensive full-nutrition meal you can make in this country. Good News! the price of brown rice (the less-processed kind of rice) is starting to come down below the cost of the less nutritious and more processed white rice. The Bad Thing about this recipe (aside from having to be in the house to attend the cooking for 6 hours) goes back to that “for 6 people” part. We almost always end up having to throw out at least one serving that did not get eaten before it went bad in the fridge. Throwing away food hurts my sensibilities. I have tried making a smaller recipe, but the slow cooker needs this much fluid to operate (the heating elements appear to be about 2/3 of the way up the side leaving the bottom 1/3 unheated). Oh yeah, there was a football game yesterday that people seem to have been very interested in for some reason.

An Australian outlet reports on a Dutch cyclist injured riding in Spain. Small world. Cyclist Hoogerland injured in collision From the description it appears to be a left cross collision, intersection protocols to avoid. Infrastructure does not apply here because this wreck could have happened even with segregated infrastructure if the driver was paying similar attention to cyclists…

LifeStyle in LA. Bike ride pays tribute to teen cyclist killed on Tammany Trace The rider blew a stop sign at a road crossing on the bike trail, so intersection protocol to avoid, and the infrastructure was (mostly) right in this case so just follow the rules and nobody gets hurt.

Really Good News as the Colorado Supreme Court rules the town of Blackhawk has illegally banned bicycles from a major bike route to make it easier for tourists to get to casinos (that from the court’s comments during the hearing, not from this link). Colorado court rules against Black Hawk, saying bicycles are a state interest The bike ban has resulted in a stream of steady bad publicity for the town which townspeople are blaming on cyclists instead of the politicians that instituted the ban. The problem is really the huge buses that are used to haul people from Denver and its suburbs to Blackhawk taking up more than a full lane as provided on the road, not cyclists per se. The local politicians don’t want to force the casinos to use smaller (and more) vehicles to haul customers to the money drains because that would reduce their profits because they would have to hire an extra driver for each additional vehicle they used. I suggest PSA’s with the culprits behind the ban identified as the source of the bad publicity, aired for about as long as bikes were banned from the town. And perhaps a few public floggings of the culprits to appease the townsfolk.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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