Personal appearance Sunday, and the Feed

I just wanted to remind people that Blue and I will be in the first Crewe in the Oak Cliff Mardi Gras parade in Dallas this Sunday. The parade will be on Davis Street from 4-6 PM (1600-1800). Blue will be the resupply truck carrying extra beads to throw and I will be doing a quick reversible modification to the kitty litter buckets to make this easier on people. From the plans that are being made now Blue and I will be near the front of the parade in the middle, and by “front” I mean just behind the cops by maybe one row, maybe not. I will be making frequent use of Blue’s abilities to let me get both feet down without tilting to one side so that people can access the goodies in the buckets. I hope to be wearing a pink feather boa to go with the tights and ANSI Safety Lime shirt/jersey. I figure that combination would leave no doubt about my heterosexuality, because all the gay men in my church had convulsions at the thought of the combination… And this from the guys that like me in tights. I won’t say what the reaction was from the people that don’t like to see me in tights.

Our only North American link is to a SWSS wreck in GA. Police ID Cyclist Killed on Bells Ferry an earlier post Cyclist Killed on Bells Ferry Road and the original report Collision kills cyclist on Bells Ferry Road From the initial report it looks like the cyclist was riding salmon either on the road or sidewalk. OK that makes the cyclist in the wrong in this collision no matter if he was in the road the entire time. I’m still just a bit leery of the whole “pulling into traffic” thing. The other possibility that presents itself is that the cyclist was pushed from the sidewalk by a homicidal pedestrian who hates sidewalk cyclists (and don’t we all? but that still doesn’t mean they need to be killed). I have no idea of how to avoid this with the built environment because that built environment is so seriously bolluxed, but getting the infrastructure right would have prevented this wreck by placing the cyclist in a safe place to ride off of the sidewalk.

In Jolly Olde cyclist injuries and deaths have gone up sharply for the second year in a row. DfT Statistics: Number of cyclists killed or seriously injured in Britain up 8 per cent in year to September 2012 As the number of casualties dropped on the roads overall, cyclists and pedestrians went up sharply. This indicates that the overall decline is more due to engineering advances in roads and vehicles rather than any improvement in driving. People in cars are hitting fewer cars and the cars are protecting them better, but they are hitting more vulnerable road users like cyclists and pedestrians and nothing has been done to protect people that aren’t inside the cars from injury. Those previous year statistics DfT casualty statistics for 2011 show sharp rise in the number of cyclists seriously injured on Britain’s roads

The remainder of the links I got were about UK bike wrecks with no information in them due to UK media laws. But given the number of wrecks covered I would hazard a guess that 2013 will not be much different than 2012 as far as number of cyclists KSI. Incidentally the KSI number was created in order to remove the effect of the NHS system of trauma centers on cyclists and pedestrians killed, as the NHS has been very effective in preventing death and permanent disability in vulnerable users in MVA. Had this not been done the statistics would show a steady decline in fatalities without any effort from roads authorities to make roads safer. What had been previously a victim that would have been DOA at hospital turns into a complete recovery because advanced trauma care was only minutes away. That is the system that has the Tea Party protesting against it, because “socialist medicine”. We could have had that kind of system here in the US years ago… but “socialist medicine”. Damnit there are some things that need to be socialized for the greater good, over profits.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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