Getting very busy this day, and the Feed

February is a very busy month here at Casa De El Poeta (got the Correct Translation this time). Oldest and Youngest children have birthdays that are separated by only 4 days (and 3 years), and 10 days after that is wedding anniversary, which makes February almost as busy and expensive a month as December. Today after I finish the blog post I will be going to Plano to have too much to eat at a restaurant with the birthday kids, then back to church for Vegetarian Pot Luck and ritual scheduling (where ritualists are assigned dates to serve their duty to the rest of the congregation). And tomorrow after morning service Blue and I will be going to the not-so-wilds of Oak Cliff for the parade, then back to Casa De El Poeta for a quick snack (maybe), then evening services. That means that more than likely there will be no Wreck Free Sunday blog post tomorrow (boo!).

Another story on the report from Jolly Olde that fewer people are getting hurt in cars but more cyclists and pedestrians are getting seriously hurt or killed. Number of cyclists killed and seriously injured rises again This article also points out that there were similar rises in the category “anyone not actually in the car at the time of the wreck”. So cars are better at protecting occupants in the wreck, which leads to drivers having more wrecks (?) maybe. It is a fact that drivers are hitting more people walking, riding bicycles, and riding motorcycles, which strongly infers that drivers are just hitting more of everything but because cars are safer for occupants fewer people are getting hurt in the cars.

And also from the UK a primer on what to do after the car hits you. Injured cyclists must use their rights Most important thing to remember is to always, always, ask for medical attention after getting hit by(with) a car or other motor vehicle. Adrenaline can completely anesthetize any injury until several minutes after the actual injury. This was to allow a person to escape a dangerous situation even with serious injury that they might recover from if they could just get away. When you’re hunting mastodons this is a good adaptation, when the beasts are metal and have human pilots it’s mostly not-so-good. Always get checked out by medical personnel after impact with motor vehicles.

An Olympic cyclist discovers that e-assist makes riding a bike a fun thing to do again. Currie Tech Teams Up with ’84 Olympic Cycling Silver Medalist, Nelson Vails to Promote “Getting More People on Bikes!” When an Olympic silver medalist says “This makes me feel like a kid on a bike again” I consider that a Good Thing.

And those are all the links I have today. I had to take a break in the middle of doing the post to go have lunch with the end kids to help them celebrate their birthdays and next week I’ll be celebrating my wedding anniversary, too. Whoo-hoo!

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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