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What it’s like to ride in a parade with lots of other bicycles, and the Feed

Well I’m looking for pictures of the parade that I can link to and at this point of the game it appears I’m a little early. The pictures of Blue and me are not up yet, and very few pictures of the actual parade and post party are up as I type this. So maybe tomorrow I can post links to the pictures of the parade. As I pointed out in the post I made to my bike club, they put the bikes between the cop car and the flag bearers making us the “cleanup Crewe” that makes everyone get out of the way and ensures a clear street for the rest of the parade. I like this because it lets us cyclists ride at a natural speed and lets us go up and down most of the parade route several times showing off (and what is a parade for if not showing off some?). I dislike it because it makes me feel like a janitor or more precisely the janitor’s broom. On balance, Hey! showing off here! Look at me (and my bike)!

One of the pictures I’m looking for is a tandem that was ridden by a male/female couple dressed as skunks. And also the guy riding the Roy Rogers reproduction bike (that he built from a bare frame) dressed in 1950s TV cowboy garb, the pedicabs with costumed people in them, and the little kids still riding with training wheels. There were several cargo bikes carrying bead-throwers (and a hefty supply of beads). My idea of being the “truck” for people throwing beads and Blue carrying beads for several people did not work out as people chose to hang a few beads off their handlebars and throw until those were gone and then ride on the rest of the parade. Something I saw that was funny in a slapstick sort of way was the guy that grabbed one string of beads and threw like a couple of dozen that were tied to the first string and almost knock a person down when they hit him(?) in the face. I guess the thrower was going for the back of the crowd and when the rest of the beads came off in a single throw he came up a bit short of his intended target. I managed to get dozens of strings of beads that never cleared the street back up into the crowd because Blue rides low enough to let me slow down and pick the beads up off the street and throw them as I got up. I think something like an Atomic Zombie low racer would be ideal for that in the future.

The Big Story today is a cyclist hit by a cement truck near the Park Formerly Known As Candlestick. Cyclist Killed Near AT&T Park Identified and Diane Sullivan, may you rest in peace also Cyclist Killed Before Giants Fan Fest more Woman on cycle dies in S.F. truck crash still more Cyclist killed in collision near AT&T Park not done yet San Francisco woman ID’d as bicyclist killed near Giants fan day still not done San Francisco: Bicyclist hit, killed by cement truck near AT&T Park I think this is “enough”. Police investigating crash that killed cyclist There was one comment from someone that claimed to have watched the whole thing go down and it was horrific. The cyclist basically never had a chance to escape the wreck. The location of the wreck has been identified by activists for a long time as a potentially deadly infrastructure failure, and now that potential has been fulfilled. From everything I can find out about this wreck the cyclist was stationary immediately prior to the wreck and had zero chance of avoiding the wreck. This was primarily an infrastructure failure as described earlier, with secondary blame placed on either the truck driver or the cyclist depending on which one got to the red light second, the last to the light would be the party most at blame.

Infrastructure! from PA. Bike trails will provide safer routes for bicyclists in Carlisle I disagree about the headline for this one, bike trails are orders of magnitude removed from what is actually being implemented which is designating roads as bike routes with green signs and little else. This is roughly like finding a person with terminal cancers and offering him a tissue instead of real treatment, only less benevolent. More like charging him for medical treatment and then giving a tissue.

And I know I’m not the only person offering advice on how to not get hit riding a bicycle, here’s someone that knows how to get pictures to post up on their web site saying almost exactly what I have been trying to tell you. How to Not Get Hit by Cars

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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