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I found some pictures of the parade, and the Feed

I managed to find a picture of the guy with the Roy Rogers bike over at the Dallas Observer site. I’m hoping this will work, my track record at getting pictures to post here has not been good lately.

Roy Rogers bike and rider

My image search for the skunks on the tandem bike got me lots of pictures of Lance and politicians of both parties, but none of the people in the skunk costumes on their bike. Go figure. I managed to find one picture on Facebook of my back as I rejoined the main part of the parade after helping to sweep the route of stray pedestrians. All those people stopping me to take pictures, and not one shows up online…

The Big Story so far today is a cyclist hit by a driver running from police en route to doing major structural damage to a building. Pursuit Driver Strikes Cyclist, Crashes Into Venice Wurstküche and Driver in Venice arrested after reportedly hitting pedestrian, crashing into restaurant and injuring 4 another one Yikes: Truck crashes into Wurstkuche in Venice Notice the differing number of casualties reported, that the restaurant got more coverage than the cyclist (because structurally damaging a building enough to force closure is a big thing, not because hitting a cyclist isn’t) and there are already people trying to tie this to the Doerner (sp?) case. There’s virtually no way to avoid a wreck like this without barrier separated infrastructure and seeing what this wreck did to a building I’m not convinced that would have helped much either. Thanks to Ted Rogers for most of the links.

A FL cyclist actually does swerve suicidally into traffic. Boyfriend kills himself after arguing with girlfriend by cycling into head-on traffic… and the driver is charged with fleeing the scene Yet another case where the driver is charged for leaving the scene in FL. You would think that drivers would learn that LEO in FL consider cyclists and pedestrians fair game as long as you claim the kill… OK to avoid this one do not ride your bike when consumed with feelings of suicidal rage…

VA struggles with how to pay for infrastructure without taxes on anything ever… McDonnell says he’s willing to compromise on gas tax They don’t want to raise the sales tax, they haven’t raised the gas tax in 17 years, but they still want new roads built and the old roads fixed. And hate to pay for bicycles in spite of cyclists paying for it via the general funds that have been supplementing the roads budget for years.

Last link, if this had been a real Zombie Apocalypse you would have been instructed to get on your bike and ride… Weird News: TV station hacker warns of zombies in Montana

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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