Daily Archives: February 13, 2013

I found some pictures now to find a way to show them, and the Feed

I went to the Facebook page for the event last night and found a few pictures of the BFOC Crewe that I was participating with, so now the issue is how to get pictures from Facebook to show up on my blog. If this works you will see what I wear in winter on my face.

Why would this be scary?

OK, the preview works, now to use the rest of the pictures. This should be the skunks.

Aren't they stinkers?

A “skinny” stoker on this tandem. That’s me in the background getting dressed for the parade…

At least he has a good head on his... shoulders?

“Roy’s” bike, note all the hand-set brass rivets.

And another picture of me getting ready, before I put the helmet on.

Yes, I know I look like a wrestler.

And I performed at this lady’s housewarming party about 14 years ago.

Now if I could just remember her name...

Enough parade pictures, it’s time to post a blog.

And I would except there is only one link in the Feed today, and it’s about a motorcycle wreck in a funeral procession (for the former SEAL who was killed at a gun range).