My warlock finally gets to level up, and the Feed

It’s RPG group again tonight, and 3 games after getting enough XP to level up my Warlock is finally going to get the benefits of his experience. I will finally get to use the Eldritch Lesser Pantsing invocation that denies the target the benefits of any clothing or armor below the waist (and when funny causes white boxer shorts with red hearts and kisses to appear on the target), my hit points go up (I rolled a 6 this time, maximum gain), and I get an added point to all my “save” rolls. This all adds up to make me a more effective member of the party and better able to help out in diplomacy and battle. It also means I’m less “squishy” when things go pear-shaped.

Up first, the definitive cap to this week’s Big Story, the SF cyclist run over from behind by a concrete mixer truck. Who’s to Blame for the Death of Diane Sullivan, Cyclist Killed Last Weekend? No matter who was at fault in this case the cause of the wreck was infrastructure that mixed 180 pound GVW cyclists with 80,000 pound GVW trucks in the same lane. Adjacent lanes would be OK but sub-optimal without some kind of barrier capable of keeping a 80,000 pound vehicle away from the sub-500 pound vehicles.

Also from CA, a cyclist is left-crossed. Cyclist injured in crash on Catalina Avenue in Redondo Beach The driver mis-judged the cyclist’s speed and turned in front of the cyclist causing major injuries, just like what happens with motorcycles in the same situation. Also looking at the Google Maps of the area the cyclist was (probably) in a bike lane and going downhill, so this is a multiple cause to blame the driver because there was ample notice that there would be a bicycle coming the other way.

A cyclist in UT is hit from behind at a RR crossing and pushed under/in front of the train that the cyclist was stopping for. FrontRunner hits, kills Provo man on bicycle I don’t see how this could be in any way the fault of the cyclist. A vehicle operator has the duty to not hit other vehicles in front of their vehicle, there was a train coming, and the driver crossed the track after the wreck. All of this points to an “entitled” Escalade driver trying to force the cyclist out of the way. This wreck should be treated the same as pushing a person in front of an oncoming train, without being enclosed inside a semi-armored car. IOW this should be exactly the same as the person that pushed someone in front of a subway train in NYC. That person was charged with murder, so should the driver in this case…

From the UK, a drunk driver kills a cyclist. Woman charged with killing teenage cyclist while over drink drive limit Oh and it was a hit-and-run, and there was another cyclist hit and injured in the wreck and they were riding not side-by-side when they were hit.

From Oz, a cyclist is hit from behind by an SUV. Man ‘lying on highway’ killed by car At this point police don’t know what caused the second person to be in the roadway, he may have been the victim of an earlier hit-and-run.

Also from Down Undah, a cycling mayor wants the person that hit her to pay for replacing her helmet (required wear in Enn Zed) and her bike after she was hit by an illegally turning vehicle. Mayor wants driver to pay for bike repairs and Driver who hit cycling mayor pleads guilty The police summary of facts said she was wearing a safety helmet and a long-sleeved high-visibility yellow vest. Also Tabilog sped up several times to go around her but because the road was too narrow was forced to slow back down behind her. And then the driver claimed to have “not seen” the cyclist when he hit her. After all that he wants “to ask to be discharged without conviction for carelessly injuring her.” Lemme get this straight, he makes several attempts to pass but can’t, she’s wearing a couple of acres of gawd-awful fluorescent clothing, and then he claims blindness is the reason why he hit her? And wants to have his record purged after a period of a few months? How stupid does he think the judge is in this case?

Also from Enn Zed, cyclists point out that the call for them to war HiViz ignores the actual cause of cyclists hit by motor vehicles, drivers not paying attention to what is in front of them. Hi-vis vest call panned As was pointed out earlier, the rider in the very case the coroner was commenting on had a reflective HiViz vest on and was fully lighted front and rear when he was hit. The cyclist in the previous paragraph had more than that and still got hit. What’s next, a finding that a failure to wear a bullet-proof vest was the cause of a shooting? And to illustrate further how useless HiViz is at preventing cyclists from getting hit they used a cyclist that has been wearing the stuff and still was hit twice in 14 months bad enough to require hospitalization. I wear it, not because I think it will actually make people see me but because wearing it is an “after the wreck” thing proclaiming I was doing everything in my power to prevent a wreck and got hit anyway.

And if you have the $$ then this is one of the better assist kits available in the US. Visit to EcoSpeed Headquarters (Mid Drive Electric Bike Kit) The added efficiency of running through the same gears as the HP portion of the powertrain means this kit doesn’t need regenerative braking to get the same range as a kit with regen. This is because of the way electric motors work, they are more efficient at high RPM relative to their power peak. [lecture mode] The power curve of an electric motor rises from zero at 0 RPM to a peak and then a decline back to zero at the point where the back EMF of the motor equals the applied voltage. The current runs from maximum at 0 RPM to 0 at Max RPM. Therefore since current is high at low RPM while power is low, the user should keep RPM up to get more power out of the motor for the power going in. [/lecture mode]

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

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