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Thirty-five years ago today, and the Feed

Way back in the dark ages before the Internet was even invented, much less a common tool used every day by nearly everybody, a poor college student made his 2^12 marriage proposal to his sweetie, this time as she recovered from having a baby at home and driving herself and said baby to the hospital to cut the cord and deliver the placenta. I’m still not sure if she said yes because she was too tired to say “no”, or if I finally wore her down, or what, but she said “yes” and we found a babysitter and got married 35 years ago today. We have been more or less happily married ever since. Considering all the things I have been through and that she has hung around for, I think I got the better end of the bargain on this one.

Hatred of bikes and the people that ride them is so strong in FL that a driver running from the cops will take a detour to kill a person riding on a bike. Bicyclist Killed In SW Ranches Hit And Run and Bicyclist, driver identified in fatal hit-and-run The driver in this wreck actually swerved over at least one lane to hit the cyclist riding in the bike lane. This is a wreck that can only be avoided or prevented by taking drivers like this off the roads before they hit someone.

The driver that threatened and harassed cyclists in CO and recorded in the process was denied a plea bargain in the case. Horn rage: Boulder judge rejects plea deal for Erie man accused of harassing cyclists The driver was threatening the cyclists with a more than 2 ton weapon, and the judge rightfully determined that the plea bargain was inadequate without the approval of the victims. The vehicle used in this case to threaten and harass the cyclists was much more deadly than the AR-15 used in the Sandy Hook shooting.

Obama has ordered one of his aides to stop commuting by bicycle, and it makes the national news… Obama orders top aide McDonough to stop biking to work You know it’s bad on the streets when people are forced to stop bike commuting for “National Security”. To my mind this makes poor bike commuting conditions a gap in “National Security”.

From the UK more on the anger of a driver getting no jail time and only a 3 year ban on driving for hitting and killing a cyclist. ‘Ban for driver who killed cyclist is slap on the wrist’ This is a follow-on to an earlier story about the same sentence except this one focuses on the weak ban rather than the lack of jail time.

A driver in Oz isn’t satisfied with using his vehicle as a weapon and decided to get “more personal” with the intimidation. Angry driver punches cyclist in face And this link wins the “Stupid driver” tag for this post, as he abandons the extremely deadly weapon that never gets prosecution when used against a cyclist to commit a physical assault against the cyclist with his bare hands that frequently results in prosecution and sometimes results in taking away the other deadly weapon the driver was using…

Still on Oz a cyclist is hit from behind in a hit-and-run. Cyclist injured in Glenfield hit and run Not much I can say about this one as the cyclist appears to have been riding in a legal manner when he was hit and left for dead. Hit-from-behind protocols apply to avoid, and getting the infrastructure right including getting the crazy drivers off the roads to prevent. The wreck was in a residential area so by the Dutch model this would have been shared space rather than segregated between bikes and motor vehicles.

Also from OZ is this report of a cyclist giving back after almost getting killed riding his bike. Crash a catalyst for helping injured cyclists

From Enn Zed a driver that came within a foot of hitting several cyclists head on while being followed by a cop has been relieved of driving privileges. Driver disqualified for playing ‘chicken’ The driver was observed several times driving on the wrong side of the road and “buzzing” cyclists going the other direction for 40km before getting pulled over and arrested. Why it took 40km (25 miles) to decide to pull the homicidal maniac over I can’t say. He should have been stopped and arrested the first time he crossed the road to buzz the cyclists.

Last link my army of cuteness is attacking in Denver MUAH HA HA HA! >cough, cough<… Weird News: Bunnies taking toll on cars at Denver airport

And those are all the links that gave me fits (or giggles) today.

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