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I got money I can’t spend, and the Feed

The insurance from Dad’s estate finally cleared after 90 days, but I can’t spend the money, the check is being held because it triggers the fraud alerts at my bank. It could be worse, another $78 and change and they would have had to hold it until the DEA cleared it as not being drug money… which could take months. Since I don’t normally deal in large sums of money (my last big$$ bike sale was in 2005 or ’06, can’t remember that far back accurately), any large payment is assumed to be illegal. I wish the people that tanked the economy had been given this much oversight… In other news my club jersey arrived in the mail today, long sleeve with zippered pockets. I like the zippers on the pockets because it means I don’t have to worry about losing my phone on a ride as long as I remember to zip the pocket closed.

Non-UK, non-racing cycling news seems to be limited to this link from Oz: Alarm over number of NSW cyclist deaths At this point there is no explanation of the sudden rise in cyclist deaths, but to have 4 not even 1/6 of the way through the year when you have been running 6 or 7 per year strikes me as “very bad“. I suspect that drivers have been fed a media-driven agenda about “freeloading” cyclists not paying “road tax” and being “lawbreakers” to the point that they are acting irrationally.

There were a number of bike wrecks in the UK and Ireland in the last few days, but their media laws limit what we can do at this blog to little more than “tsk, tsk” without anything constructive to say about the wrecks. While such wrecks deserve to be counted, until WoaB can actually say something about the wrecks that contributes to safety for riders on either side of the “Pond”, we ain’t talking about them.

And those were all the links that gave me fits, except as specified in the previous paragraph.

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