Finally I get mule duties, and the Feed

Well the checks have cleared, and we have grocery money. That means I will have to pack the buckets over the tops (good thing I still haven’t put the lids back yet) and also put a lot of stuff on my back in the ALICE ruck I customized to my body about 15 years ago. Before I get the groceries I will have to make a side trip to the bank to get the money first, so this will be a short blog post. Maybe.

Up first a CA rider is hit from behind while riding in a legal manner. Madera Man On Bike Killed In Collision With Car Notice the description of the lane position for the cyclist “he noticed that the bike rider, whose name is being withheld pending the notification of his next of kin, riding on the right edge of the westbound lane.” IOW he was riding as far right as possible, maybe even past the “practicable” criteria of the law. Well I would say he was more right than was “practicable” because he got hit from behind by a driver that could not even move over a foot to not hit a cyclist. And I place some of the blame on Jerry Brown for vetoing not just one but 2 3-foot passing laws.

AAAnnnnd, that’s it? I have no more links in my Feed folder except for one UK link that tells even less than normal for a UK media wreck story.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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