Contest coming tomorrow, and the Feed

I have been dropping notes like breadcrumbs around the Internets to alert artists about a contest I’m going to have. I finally have the $$ to get that tattoo to cover the huge ugly scar on my lower leg, the scar that is a daily reminder that there are people in law-enforcement who don’t give a gosh-darn about me because I ride a bicycle for transportation, and someone can kill me with a motor vehicle and it would be my fault for not driving a car and being on the road to get hit, regardless of the actual fault in the situation. I want to take that ugly and make it something I want to be able to look at, so tomorrow for the Wreck-Free Sunday post I’m going to post a picture of my leg that artists can use as an electronic canvas to demonstrate what they would put on my leg. The winning artist will get $500 either in cash if they are local to the DFW area, or in a credit union check if you are unable to pick the prize up in person. Full rules will be posted with the picture, but for now the main gist of the rules will be it has to be something that could realistically be done as a tattoo, and it has to be something that I could put up with want to look at for the rest of my life.

Also on the calendar in the next couple of weeks is the annual Shearing of the Sheep, AKA as shaving the winter fur from the Poet’s head. This is usually a fun and funny event, as I go from not-quite-shoulder length hair and a full beard to bare skin, everything except the eyebrow (I only have one that covers the full width of my face and runs down my nose). This will be during services next Sunday, I’ll announce the service as soon as it’s decided on.

From the most deadliest place in the US to walk or ride a bike what appears to be a random shooting that remains unsolved after 3 months. Father Of Teen Killed While Riding Bike Pleads For Public’s Help This was an apparent robbery attempt as the victim’s cell phone was the only thing missing, which also explains why the perps used a gun instead of a motor vehicle to kill. If they were trying to steal the cell phone it might be damaged in a wreck with motor vehicle, but shooting the rider would just make him fall over with little chance of damaging a cell phone.

Something funny to take the taste of the previous link out of your mouth. Cyclists furious as council paint everything else luminous green

And as I will soon be leaving to entertain out-of-town guests, and I don’t have any more links, I will call it quits here.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


One response to “Contest coming tomorrow, and the Feed

  1. I really cannot comprehend the attitude against bikers! I live in the Netherlands myself, and when a cyclists get in an accident over here, the driver is to blame, unless there is good evidence it’s the biker’s fault.. I think this is a good system, as it makes the car drivers aware of the vulnerability of the bikers. You should’ve been born here 😦


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