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OMG! at the site views, and the Feed

I was not expecting to get the number of site views for the art contest that I have been getting, between the Ma3 people, and the BikingInLA people that post has set a new record for site views on this site, twice. And the comments, I keep having to approve new commenters every few minutes. I guess if you offer people money to read your blog they might read your blog. Makes me wish I was still getting paid for ad clicks…

Up first from a huge feed of dead links is a report that the reward for the capture of the driver that ran over a cyclist and dragged him 600 feet onto a freeway has been raised a smidgen. $25,000 Reward to Be Offered in Griffith Park Cyclist Hit-and-Run Crash and $25K reward offered to catch driver who hit cyclist in Griffith Park And I hope they confiscate the weapon vehicle and recycle it… And make the driver watch as it gets recycled, from the inside if the cyclist doesn’t make it. Last I heard the cyclist lost his right leg, and even if they save the left one it won’t be usable for getting around.

Two years ago a truck driver fatally left-crossed a cyclist in CO. The trial is supposed to start sometime this week… Trial for driver in Boulder County truck vs. bike fatal accident to begin The driver has a long list of run-ins with cyclists including at least 2 road rage convictions one of which involved getting out of the vehicle to assault a cyclist. Put this guy away for a long time, and never let him drive anything larger than a Vespa again.

In the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike a cyclist is run over by a driver who could not see out of a truck to avoid a hazard in front of him. Bicyclist Killed By FPL Bucket Truck The cyclist was in a crosswalk when hit, which means that this could have been a pedestrian or any other road user smaller than a large car because the driver could not see what was in the lane before starting his turn. Intersection protocols might have helped avoid this wreck, segregated infrastructure might have prevented it if the cyclist was separated in both time and space from the truck, or requiring trucks that the driver can actually see what’s to the front and right before they are allowed to drive in areas where cyclists and/or pedestrians may be present would have also prevented the wreck.

A UK rider shows why there is a Centerline Rule in bike racing. Cyclist Killed In Crash With Car, Killed In Head-On Collision During A Road Race in Southwestern England (VIDEO)

Infrastructure!Oh.My.Gawds. Washington State Rep. Ed Orcutt, Who Is Pushing Bike Fee, Walks Back Claims That Cyclists Cause Pollution The Stupid, it burns, IT BURNS!! killit, killit with fire! More Cyclists Do Not Emit More Carbon Than Cars, State Legislator Admits Guess who gets the tag “Stupid Politicians” for these links?

And those are all the links that gave me fits today. And all of you who have been tweeting my leg, thank you.

Billed @$0.02, Opus