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Another Mule day, and the Feed

Well, even with all the excitement about the tattoo contest, certain things have to be done around here, like buy food and transport it home. We managed to stagger home with most of what we needed for several weeks (cheaper to buy large packages than lots of small ones) so all we are getting this week are perishable items and stuff we use a lot of in a week, so bread, milk, yogurt, and produce will be the haulage today.

Yesterday after I posted to the blog, I went on a little shopping trip to get things for the new bike headlight, including AA batteries, those 27 LED worklights, and an actual bike headlight with a blinking function to attract attention to the bike so I know they see me during the day, and to give more long-range illumination (it has a very narrow spot beam) at night when it will be on steady. I also bought a cheap taillight because the constant vibration has rendered my home-brew tail light hors d’ combat, the battery won’t hold a charge longer than the time it takes to get to the church for a Sunday evening service, so something is putting a high resistance short somewhere (if it was a low resistance short there would have been a fire with 14.4V off the charger and 2.3Ah rated cells). Anyway, the new taillight will bolt right on the back of the bike with only a small amount of fabrication needed to adapt it to the unorthodox back end of my bike. Combine the small light with the acres of reflectors on the back of the bike and I will be way in excess of the requirements of the law (I’m already way in excess of the requirements of the law without even turning on my taillight with all the reflective material on the back of the bike). And non-bike purchases included a head-band mounted light for working in dim light and some nut driver bits for my cordless drill and screwdriver.

Most of the links today are courtesy of BikingInLA as the Feed was full of dead links again. I mean when I checked the links yesterday after I finished the previous post and got home from my shopping trip they were good, but today I get 404 errors and 403 errors (WTF is a 403 error?) and a few Permission Denied errors for articles I could read last night.

A UT boy is sucked behind a semi and gets hit by a closely following second truck and the child cyclist is blamed for the wreck. Boy riding bike hit, killed by semitrailer LEO should be taught that the wake from a semi can actually pull a cyclist several feet to the left with the cyclist unable to do anything about it. Particularly if the cyclist is also unaware of the power of a semi-truck’s wake because of inexperience. I blame this one on the infrastructure that made this highway the only choice for getting to the cyclist’s destination.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, Exhibit A as to why: No charges in Nocatee bicyclist’s death Driving while blind, at highway speeds in excess of the posted limit and killing someone riding on the shoulder, perfectly OK.

Another account of a cyclist riding AFRAP in CA getting killed. Madera cyclist killed in wreck in Merced The driver saw the cyclist, moved to the left, and still hit the cyclist riding at the edge of the pavement with the front of the car (not the side or a side mirror, the front). Can anyone else say this story does not hold water?

A different CA cyclist is hit from behind after “swerving” into the road from the shoulder. Sunnyside High teacher Jim Healy killed in bicycle crash northeast of Fresno Again a rider is hit from behind by a driver that claimed to have seen the cyclist, but still hit him anyway. And wasn’t is convenient that the only people that saw the wreck were the driver and the cyclist that was hit, even though the cyclist was on a group ride? The driver in this wreck also claimed to have moved to the left before hitting the cyclist… Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid maybe, and get the infrastructure right to keep cyclists separated from idiots in control of deadly devices.

Speaking of idiots in control of deadly devices, the driver that assaulted a pro cycling team with a motor vehicle and then drove away and tried to destroy the evidence tried to defend himself in an online forum… Driver accused of hitting pro cyclists defends himself in online forum You know the old saying, a lawyer that defends himself has a fool for a client? Thar be the fool…

Bike path terrorism in OZ? Cyclists targeted with rice on bike path The quantity of rice used makes this highly unlikely that this was accidental as did the fact that the rice had been smoothed out to make it look like just new concrete and not an obstruction in the path…

Why FL is the most deadliest place in the US to walk or ride a bike, part who cares anymore just fix it… State Sen. Alan Hays’ bill to keep public buses from stopping on streets is absurd That’s right this lawmaker wants to ban buses from picking up or letting off passengers. Talk about missing the concept of public transit… and this is yet another reason why people die at the highest rate in FL.

Why you can kill with a motor vehicle and not get more than a ticket if that in NYS. Why New York Needs Strict Criminal Liability for Traffic Violence There needs the be a movement like the “Stop der Kindermood” (Stop the Child Murders) in the Netherlands for drivers that kill without penalty in the US.

Do planners in your locality not know if they want to move people or give them a place to arrive? Here’s how you can tell. The STROAD A stroad is a thoroughfare that can’t decide if it wants to move people and goods as quickly as possible or be a destination to purchase those goods by people, and ends up doing neither very well. Most of the arterials in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell are stroads.

An expansion on the Intersection Protocols from Bike Safe Boston, why you should ride in a straight line in an intersection. The Straight and Narrow

The people that ride aren’t who you think they are… The New Face of Cycling The concept of young, fearless cyclists and MAMILs as who are riding bicycles in the road is not accurate any more (if it ever was).

How and when to fight a ticket on your bike. Ticket Talk, Part 2 I link to this guys blog because he knows his stuff.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today…

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